Fatal Error

Fatal Error

Seven executives die while on a video conference call, the victims of a rapidly spreading virus. Dr. Samantha Craig (Janine Turner) and disgraced doctor Nick Baldwin (Antonio Sabato Jr.) investigate, tracking the disease to a rival firm able to spread computer viruses to humans. They also discover the virus has killed before and is continuing on its deadly path, unless someone can stop it.

The seven American lawyers hired by Australian media magnate Jack Doulan, whose company rivals Albert Teal's Digicron for preponderance on the world market of telecommunications, are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Crystal R (ag) wrote: I really did like this movie and LOVED the two boys .....there were numerous times when I caught myself grinning ear to ear. :)

Trent R (it) wrote: Kitamura delivers a fun mix of old and new, with a Heavy Metal era graphical style and plot, thanks to Shunji Iwai's script and the improved rotoscoping techniques. The martial arts/chase elements work far better here than in more classic animation, thanks not only to improved capture technology but a higher level of performance being demanded in this context. That said, the story is fairly cliche and told with many clumsily integrated expository sequences. Luckily, another chase usually erupts to distract one from the awkward plot. This is all fairly enjoyable as a mix of nostalgia and technical spectacle, though far too thin to bear much scrutiny.

Lohita P (es) wrote: Visually amazzing. Funny. But I don't get it. I don't think you're supposed to!

Ben L (ru) wrote: A 60's spy thriller which is pretty damn bad, but still entertaining just for the sheer camp. The score is weird and trippy, and there are some lovably cheesy lines. Plus Sophia Loren wears hilariously over-the-top sixties clothes. The mystery is supremely confusing but interesting, I guess. Altogether bizarre but worth a fun evening if you like that sort of thing.

mikey s (es) wrote: Meh....it's not the best Cheech and Chong movie

Fred T (es) wrote: Pixote pulls no punches and hits you like a freight train with its gut wrenching narrative, which explores the lives of the street kids of Rio De Janeiro. It's unflinching realism and grit is only heightened by its quasi-documentarian visual style. Truly a masterwork of Cinema with its Shocking and Disturbing presentation of the lives of the very young outlaws it is portraying. The viewer follows the titular character Pixote and his partners in crime as they resort to pickpocketing, drug dealing and pimping only to survive in the mean streets of Brazil. Pixote joins the ranks among other early 80's gems that will mark you for life, such as Out of the Blue, Christiane F, & Ms.45... Films like this change your life and your perception of the world we live in. This is Cinema with balls and will cut into you like a razor if you let it.

Ki Hyuk Y (gb) wrote: This is a science fiction nightmare in the form of a documentary. I cannot think of other filmmaker who can express his political stance in such hysterical outburst of hate. Punishment park howled the political righteousness, an anti-utopian critic intended for the peace-movement years, but still even more relevant today.

Luc L (br) wrote: A spicy romance film.

Private U (de) wrote: Gable and Lombard have mind-blowing chemistry, but the story itself doesn't hold up. It's too bad we never got a second movie with these two.

Sarah M (us) wrote: I saw this movie when I was waaay to young for it I think third grade at a friends house on tv maybe? Now watching it I find it at times low buck but very entertaining for the bar scenes not caring for her singing or the romance too much. I about flipped when I realized Tyra was in this movie. Disappointed with the ending but I still like this movie.

Dustin M (ca) wrote: Well apparently this sucks.

Dan L (ru) wrote: Pixar' best and would be surprised to ever see it beaten!

Michelle R (br) wrote: The larger and more important message of the documentary (legal search and seizure of private property and the breaking of the American 4th constitutional right) may have been lost by the makers trying to show how Ulricht's trial was a miscarriage of justice and a travesty. For what was shown and revealed, it does seem that the trial was manipulated to an extent that it didn't uphold the premise of "innocent until proven guilty". The deeper implications of how the FBI accessed information on a foreign server and then copied the server without a warrant is the big question mark that should be asked by all viewers - it seems that international law, foreign jurisdictions etc don't apply to American government agencies. If the question of the legality of the search by the FBI made it to trial, the result would have far reaching implications for all internet users and all users of smart phones.