Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture

The Armor of Mars -- a suit of armor consisting of six pieces. If anyone from the bloodline of the ancient warrior Godimus were to find all six pieces for himself, he would receive power equal to the level of a god. The Curse of Godimus, however, also dictates that this same person would lose all sense of himself and become an insane killing machine.

The brothers, Andy & Terry Bogard, along with Joe Higashi and Mai Shiranui, try to help Sulia Gaudeamus stop her ambitious brother Laocorn from finding the magical armor of Mars. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim C (nl) wrote: I Enjoyed this different take on a Ghost Story

Daniel G (fr) wrote: best movie EVER! finally a good movie about gamerz.

Faisal M (mx) wrote: First let me make it clear that Drona is NOT a superhero movie alone. its more like a fantasy movie. A very brave attempt in introducing a subject untouched by Bollywood, but experimented with and explored by Hollywood. Drona is the story of a common man who realizes that he is the guard of 'Amrit', the potion of eternal life. His fight to save it from the hand of Asura (The demon) is the story of Drona. Abhisek Bachchan is quite convincing in this role, first as the common man, and then as the commander of Super-powers. He realizes his own strength and potential. Priyanka Chopra was good too. We do not see women being action-heroines in Hindi Films. She dared to be different and how well! KK, as the 'abnormal' incarnation of Asura gives another awesome performance. Let me also say here that the people who are hitting KK for his 'worst acting ever' do not even realize the character he plays. He is supposed to be comical and dangerous at the same time. He is supposed to be insane.The story is tight set. You will not (or should I say should not?) feel bored at any time, expect for the unnecessary song-and-dance routines. There are two and totally out of place. The other two are just like as in background. Which brings me to the negative point of the film. If the director had to be courageous enough to make such a movie he should also have the guts to cut-off the totally unnecessary song-and-dance to please the audience (but knowing the audience they like songs and dances) The background music is great!

Vivian W (es) wrote: A very interesting look at a very rare disease. A puzzle ending.

Christopher P (us) wrote: Pretentious and not relatable in almost anyway. Kirsten Dunst is cute as usual and the soundtrack is killer; the only redeeming qualities.

Brad S (ru) wrote: A surprisingly genuine and interesting road trip thru South America in 1952 with a young Che Guevara as he develops the ideology that he would eventually be known for. Beautifully and intimately shot, I was blown away by this carefully crafted and endearing character study. The relationship between Che and Alberto, and the people they encounter along the way, really sticks with me. It's subtle human realism in the writing and performances that keeps the story grounded. I look forward to revisiting this film again and again over the years. It's the kind of road trip movie that will continually reveal new nuggets of interest. The final few minutes of the film provided an emotional wallop and I loved the filmmaking style used to finish the story. The technique and imagery will never leave my imagination and will be a source of inspiration forever for me.

Addie A (kr) wrote: How have I not seen this before now? Love it!

Adam R (au) wrote: Done well, "Strangeland" could have been ahead of its time. The scarification subculture was still deep underground, and it's hard to think of many movies, horror or otherwise, to come from the late-'90s revolving so extensively around instant messaging and even webcams (the hero's ineptitude with technology, however, is a chestnut long in practice). However, "Strangeland" is mangled beyond repair by poor direction and even worse casting. It's no surprise Dee Snider (Twisted Sister frontman) is the best thing about the film; he obviously put a lot of thought into both the script (which he wrote) and especially the character of Captain Howdy, the sadistic antagonist Snider himself plays. The killer's modus operandi is almost prescient: Captain Howdy entices his victims through online chat sessions with promises of a party. After getting their attention online and suggests a meet-up, he then imprisons his captives in a dark basement and performs elaborate piercing and disfigurement rituals on them. Unfortunately, Howdy makes the mistake of kidnapping the daughter (Linda Cardellini) of detective Mike Gage (Kevin Gage), a policeman whose brawn and flexible ethics somehow overcome the massive intellectual deficit one would think detrimental to any investigation Gage takes part in. Gage rescues his daughter, along with several other scarred (mentally as well as physically) victims, and neutralizes and arrests Howdy, who, after a sensational trial (which thankfully isn't shown; Snider's fondness for giving his antagonist elaborate, often pretentious monologues could have been overindulged by such an opportunity) is confined to a sanitarium. Some time later the madman (now living under his "sane" name, Carleton Hendricks) is released, seemingly reformed. But we all know horror movie antagonists can't be trusted, especially when the skeptical mob is led by an unmasked, rage-filled Robert Englund. And we also know horror villains don't change, either. There are enough original elements in "Strangeland" to make it interesting -- on the surface. The problem is Snider's project is so mishandled -- mainly by director John Pieplow, though others are responsible as well -- that any unique features are stripped right out in favor of stilted dialogue, bad performances (apart from Snider, who obviously fits Captain Howdy's personality like the strutting glam-rock peacock-cum-psycho killer to a tee) and inept handling of ideas tackled -- for better or worse -- by later films. "The Matrix" blasted awful thrash-rock into our eardrums one year later and ushered us into the popularization of cyber-punk. Six years later, "Saw" would confront us with a killer not content just slicing his victims to pieces in a second, preferring a longer, slower form of torture. And that same year "Closer" would transform I.M. from a key, intriguing plot point to yet another way to bore audiences in that boring, over-thought relationship drama.

Parker R (ag) wrote: There's a certain likability towards some of the humor in this film, but it consistently stays infantile and the characters are never more than one-dimensional and almost always feel insignificant.

Andrew B (de) wrote: Two stories written and directed by Romero and Argento based on Poe themes. The first story by Romero is fairly uneventful and rather slow however the second tale by Argento is far more interesting. Harvey Keitel verges on Bad Lieutenant territory as an alcoholic beret wearing, cat murdering art photographer. Not another one, you say?

mirabella 1 (jp) wrote: All of the Carry On films get 4 or 5 stars from me.They have been a much-loved part of my life ever since I can remember.

Hannah M (au) wrote: This was a lot more interesting than I expected it to be. I wasn't ever sure whether it was going to turn out to be a sad movie (a desperate drama kind of thing) or something more upbeat. I like Katharine Hepburn, and here she was a fascinating character, a lot of fun. She reminded me of an Anne of Green Gables kind of character. It was enjoyable, but a guilty pleasure movie. I'm not going to argue that it was brilliant or really well-written, but, like most decent romantic comedies, I liked the characters and wanted them to do well, and it was emotionally satisfying when it ended nicely.

Hans J E (kr) wrote: Chaplin is playing a women in this one. That alone is pretty funny, but other than that this movie is pretty much just people chasing each other and kicking each other in the arse.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: DAMN! This is a funny if not silly film, Martin Lawrence. Nice one man respect. This is a comedy cruncher indeed.

Philip S (ru) wrote: It seems there has been a rash of this sort of period "Romans vs Savages in northern Britain" popping up (is this the UK version of a western?), all of which are brutal and gritty and grey but also familiar and obvious and forgettable. "Centurion" has a great cast, which helps, but the story makes the performances seem almost two dimensional. There is only so much the actors can do. If you liked films like "The Eagle" and "King Arthur" then this may be your thing. Otherwise, skip it.

Radi G (kr) wrote: Must See in IMAX 3D! Kick ass movie