Fatal Games

Fatal Games

A group of amazing athletes are systematically stalked and killed by a crazed, hoodie wearing psychopath.

A mad javelin thrower kills teenagers in the school. All promising athletes are executed in the most brutal way. Especially naked girls in dressing-rooms or saunas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephanie Z (kr) wrote: Another great Tom Hanks movie. Very sadly for theater, he's one of the last actual talented actors we have left. We need some new actual TALENT!!! not just oh, family member x wants to be an actor, so even tho he has zero qualifications to be a good actor, we'll put him in the movie...

Dave S (gb) wrote: I am going to have to disagree with many of my friends on this one. I did not like this film at all. It was not the worst film I have watched, but was not put together very well. Acting was subpar in my opinion. The lead carried himself well, I don't think the story gave him much leeway. The mother and so called finace were just typical in a film of this sort. I felt as though I never was given a chance to like any of the characters. Oh, any for fans of full frontal male nudity, it is there, but WHY? Seems that the nudity was thrown in there to get the attention of the audience who go for that sort of thing.

Heather M (ru) wrote: This just seems like another bad low budget horror flick.

Johnny L (br) wrote: A decent coming of age featuring some known powerhouses when they were young.

Sarah F (kr) wrote: i would like to see this

Grant W (it) wrote: Over 50 years later, "Mary Poppins" continues to be a childhood defining film for many people and it contains memorable scenes that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.Sadly, upon re-watching this film again as an adult, there are two big problems that undermine this classic Disney musical. First, the film has a pace that is a bit too slow. The runtime of the film is noticeably too long for what it is and therefore, spending less time holding onto some of the scenes would have been beneficiary for the viewing experience.Second, I really do not like the film's message and definition for what makes a perfect person. The word 'Perfect' is one without a definition. It is a loose and open word, just like the word 'normal', meaning that both words are interpreted as something completely different between one person to another. The film tries to nail home a definition for 'perfect' by constantly stroking the ego of its titular character, who herself gleefully enjoys every single compliment made to her, even when she is being strict. Gag me.Kids will need to take the film's message with a grain of salt and treat it more as a referential life lesson, NOT as a set-in-stone message.Despite those two nagging issues, I can't deny the rest of the work that was put into the film. The music/score, the songs, the vocal performances (most notably Julie Andrews), the visuals, the dance choreography, the animation, and just the sheer eccentricity of the film are all exceptional. They all work in tandem to create a road trip musical that manages to put a smile onto my face more than once and it reminds us all about the whimsical, magical moments we had when we were children. Those moments stemmed from the days we used our imaginations to create fantastical adventures of our own...and still do!Disney has too many great moments to count from its rich filmography and this film is home to a few of those moments. With that said, its slow pace and obnoxious presentation of a flawed message keep it from being a great film, but at least a good one.

Daniel V (us) wrote: I have to admit, I still have not seen GOJIRA which is the unedited, non-Perry Mason version of the greatest monster movie of all time. This movie is so much fun with that dude in the rubber suit just stomping the shit out of Tokyo. He is here to punish the world for the nuclear power we are abusing, I think. Either way, the point of the America version is just to watch Godzilla smash things. He does it here and it's awesome to watch.

Addi M (gb) wrote: wonderful Movie starring the YOUNG Marilyn she was not a starlet on this film you can see how she was before she turned into the Blond Bombshell that we all know

Becca A (es) wrote: I think I killed the duck...

Wade H (ru) wrote: Head strong with its meanings and humor. Smith delivers another comedy based on a sensitive topic. But, it's very entertaining and doesn't lack any steam. To make light of a religion that is controversial, makes him a daring genius.

Daishun B (kr) wrote: this movie is alright to watch

David E (br) wrote: Entertaining throughout, with some great song and dance numbers. There's nothing surprising about the plot, but it doesn't matter because the dialogue is sharp and the leads are so much fun to watch. It may not be as well known today as some other classic musicals, but it's well worth watching.

Dhamar M (jp) wrote: Why are they making this piece of sh**. It does absolutely nothing that will say haha to the Fast ans furious series. 0/5 f*** the directors

Michael C (gb) wrote: Maybe the worst movie I've ever seen.