Fatal Rescue

Fatal Rescue

A Catastrophe happens on the day before Emilies and Jacobs divorce. Toby their son falls into a hidden well while playing. Jacob must deal with the life threatening situation as well as deal with Mike, a firefighter and old romantic interest of Emilie together they are unsuccessful at rescuing the boy. Time and tragedy are fierce ticking bombs, and amidst Jacob and Mike's faltering ego's, the mystery of the well and the new discovery of a 100 year old tunnel defy any logical explanation.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:suicide,   forest,   secret,  

The mystery surrounding Mike is that of Andy the mother's brother who disappeared in the woods one day. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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BustA G (ag) wrote: Excellent documentary. Brian Knappenberger was on hand for Q&A after screening. Surprised that government or other powers didn't try to block this story from being told. I had never heard of 4 Chan nor B / Board before this movie. Knappenberger said he's working on a documentary to tell the story of Lolsec. It's Revenge of The Nerds for the 21st century.

Leon B (br) wrote: Review:I really struggled to find this movie interesting or even funny. Watching Christina Ricci being a right bitch towards Jason Biggs becomes boring after a while and the movie just seemed to drag. All the way through the film, Jason Biggs is questioning his love for Ricci and the fact that there sexual relationship is noneexistent, doesn't help matters. His character is also a struggling comedian and his agent, Danny DeVito, iscompletely useless. Having Woody Allen as a mentor, also didn't help matters because his advice always leads him down the wrong path. He also tries to get help from hisshrinkbut he justlistensto all of the information without giving any advice. Basically Jason Biggs doesn't have anywhere to turn so he decides to move to Los Angeles after receiving a job through Woody Allen. It just seems like another Romantic Comedy from Woody Allen about a troubled relationship. I was hoping for a few laughs, but it wasn't that well written and it lacked entertainment. Disappointing!Round-Up:Jason Biggs, whose becomes famous through the American Pie franchise, acts the same in all of his movies and he seems to play the victim quite often. His performance in this movie wasn't that great but thats due to a poor storyline which is quite similar to other movies made by Woody Allen. The New York backdrop worked well in the movie, along with the gun scenes which were a break from the whole relationship concept, but I still expected a bit more entertainment.Budget: $18millionWorldwide Gross: $13.5millionI recommend this movie to people who are into there Woody Allen movies about a couple who are in a troubled relationship. 3/10

Ylva L (ag) wrote: God, it's so annoying that I cannot seem to get hold of this movie here in Sweden...

Chad S (ag) wrote: A very good sci-fi flick from the early 70s

Jules W (kr) wrote: wait... i haven't seen this? wtf.

Bryce I (es) wrote: To clarify in one sentence - it's Scarface with emotion: A character study into a man who wishes to be better than he knows he is. Although it emphasizes Pacino and Penn's charisma, as well as DePalma's elegant visual perception, the plot - leading up to the sensational climax - is frail, with drained morals and an unrealized sense of melodrama. However, it is still worth a watch, as what is probably Brian DePalma's last great work.

Eli K (us) wrote: Superb hidden gem of a movie that takes you along for a very intriguing ride. Matthau is great and the supporting cast all fill this movie perfectly with there characters.

Justin S (ru) wrote: The bad guy is Scar from The Lion King - what's not to like?

Jason M (ca) wrote: The problem is: frogs really are not menacing creatures. So this is just boring. But check out brown-haired mustache-less Sam Eliot, and young super-cute Joan Van Ark. Boy, too bad about her, huh? Also, there is a kick-ass sparkling gold Glastron speedboat that's worth seeing, if you're into that sort of thing.