Fate of a Man

Fate of a Man

The story of a man (Andrey Sokolov) whose life was ruthlessly crippled by World War II. His wife and daughters were killed during the bombing of his village, he spent some time as a prisoner, and his only son was killed in action only a few days before the victory...

The story of a man (Andrey Sokolov) whose life was ruthlessly crippled by World War II. His wife and daughters were killed during the bombing of his village, he spent some time as a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Olof E (jp) wrote: I could not sleep after watching this. Knowing my values are not matching me eating habits. Decided last night to keep my own chickens for eggs and go mostly vegetarian.

Carl Adrian P (ag) wrote: don't watch this pls

Aliah L (us) wrote: It was a great movie to me and I like it. It was funny

Michael P (it) wrote: This movie is just bad. It's somehow "based on a true story" but my question is how can anyone believe that when Ryan Gosling's character was somehow hidden in plain sight in the most ridiculously awful drag ever seen. On top of this the movie is just plain silly. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Zack K (de) wrote: This was a thought provoking, well shot, and well scripted movie. That said, it's definitely not for everyone.

Adam F (es) wrote: "Shallow Hal" is a mix of a very sweet and earnest love story with a comedy that often doesn't really work. I was won over by the fantasy love element and I do think it has more appeal than it doesn't. The idea that the titular character Hal (Jack Black) is a shallow guy who gets hypnotized into seeing women as they are inside instead of what they look like on the outside. He begins falling in love with Rosemary (Gwyneth Paltrow), a fat woman that has a big heart. Alright, that premise doesn't really make any sense because how could Hal know what people are like on the inside unless he knew them intimately, and unless the hypnosis also messed around with his sense of touch and his strength, there's no way he wouldn't realize that his vision is all kinds of screwed up, but let's just get past that. I feel like there's some good potential for humor with this premise, like if say a hot shot celebrity had an "ugly" sister and Hal confused one for the other, or he was a makeup artist (or even funnier, a plastic surgeon) and he started going crazy with people's faces even though they didn't need it. I'm sure you can come up with some good ideas too. Not a lot of the potential is used here. What we do get plenty of is exactly what you would expect from the premise. Hit or miss jokes about Hal thinking that some ladies are hot while everyone around him stands dumbfounded, fat jokes, and visual gags of seeing beautiful women looking at big clothes or plates full of food and they don't even have the courtesy of coming in quickly enough to build off of each other and make you laugh.What saves the movie, and I would say actually makes it legitimately good is the love plot. As a fine male specimen with impeccable features that regularly has to fight the ladies off with a stick, you might not think that a story about an insecure lady who has been ignore her whole life one day discovering a man that falls head over heels for her would necessarily phase me, but it really did. If you've ever felt like you were judged because of what you looked like on the outside, that part of the movie will really drive home and it will make you smile. This comedy could have dropped the ball badly by handling the hypnotism thing the wrong way, making it feel like Hal is simply tricked into loving her, but without giving away what exactly happens during the conclusion, I felt like it handled that potential problem very well. This could have easily become a tasteless, mean-spirited mess, one that gets its laughs at the expense of "unattractive people" and I'm glad to say that it doesn't. The conclusion really pulls it all together and makes the shaky premise work. Overall "Shallow Hal" isn't of the Farrelly Brothers' funniest film but it probably is their most heartwarming. (On Dvd, November 12, 2012)

Shawn W (br) wrote: Teen pilot arranges a rescue mission for his dad who was captured by a rogue Arab nation. US Air Force shown to have obvious security leaks as teens with interest in flying get all kinds of access to top secret information and military equipment.

Alastair A (ca) wrote: A very touching film that made me think hard about what actually makes someone a 'collaborator', and what I'd do in a similar world.

Bruce B (jp) wrote: This is a sad excuse for a horror movie, do westerns and horror movies mix, like oil and water when you look at this movie. Wasted 65 minutes of my time, A UFO falls to the earth (Looked like a 4th July Sparkler to me). And kills a father and somehow changes a young boy into a monster. Funny throughout the whole movie no one says hey what ever happen to your boy after your husband died. The son who is now a monster runs around kill people in town, then behind every good monster is a evil women, and in this movie that there is no exception. Finally in the last 4 minutes I can understand what the boy is saying, You lied, I hate You, I'll Kill you, that?s it after evil girl, and monster fall off cliff, Mom cry's out my boy, and the sheriff says her boy. Final scene is Mon getting ready to jump and join her boy but the sheriff and deputy save her, that?s it, no riding off in the sunset happily ever after, it suxs. Don't even take a free copy.

(us) wrote: how did she learn to kill so well

Andres G (it) wrote: pretty ok for what the movie actually is.