Father Came Too!

Father Came Too!

When Dexter Munro (Baxter) and his new wife Juliet (Sally Smith) get married, they decide to escape Juliet's meddling father (James Robertson Justice) by buying a rundown cottage and doing it up themselves. But when the cottage proves to be more ramshackle than they thought, and the scale of the repairs needed far out of their budget, the newlyweds are forced into calling on Juliet's father after all. Before long he's employed incompetent builder Josh Wicks (Ronnie Barker), and the situation goes from bad to worse.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1964
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

A young married couple experience difficulties doing up a cottage, and are hindered by the wife's father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cory O (kr) wrote: Big Mel doesn't fuck around.

Robert V (de) wrote: An odd little movie. Not really worth the time I invested in this. The film moved way too slow. The acting for the most part was not that great.

Eja B (ag) wrote: Sjukt rolig film, I lve!

Private U (nl) wrote: Let me begin by saying something about the book. I first read it when I was about 15 back in the mid 90s and have since read it roughly five times more. To say it opened my eyes as to what experimental fiction can do is an understatement; this one ripped them apart with rusty hooks. It's one of the most impenetrable and obscure pieces of writing I've ever come across, perhaps even more so than the notorious Ulysses but this isn't merely excessive masturbatory word play. Its structure is a cut and paste affair, somewhat akin to flicking through images on a crap television.Before it has time to fully develop a moment it moves onto the next; medical texts; JFK's assassination; Marilyn Monroe; drugs; sex... the themes of a modern world cannibalising, destructing and recreating itself made my mind bleed and still astounds me today. It sounds overblown when I call it a life changing novel but this really did that. Like Ballard's other novels it's not the kind of fluff to casually read on the bus to work, it demands your attention but once you're in its relentless world it won't leave you.The film, like the book, is a cracked mirror up to our faces. It's a gut punch that makes you feel alive, that makes you read between the lines, that urges you to look closer. All that from something that many thought unfilmable.The media's icons, its events and itself inadvertently invade, fragment and nurture the the private mind of the individual. The T character (Travers, Talbert etc) is a doctor in a mental hospital suffering from a mental breakdown of his own. He tries to understand iconic media events such as Marilyn Monroe's suicide, the Space Race and the assassination of JFK by restaging them in absurd, bonding, personal ways in either his mind or in real life. From here the humanity begins to show itself; the space between two walls, the automobile crash as a fertilising event, the confusion between architecture and the human body, science and pornography etc.Weiss has captured this 'atrocity exhibition' and its ambiguity very well through the use of collage, both visually and aurally. His use of stock footage ranging from war atrocities, plastic surgery, pornography, Zapruder footage is disturbing but enlightening in the piece's quest to look for meaning and the startling sound design and music enforces this. At times it sounds very much like an ambient album where small and trivial noises are blown up to gigantic proportions.'The Atrocity Exhibition' not only faithfully captures the spirit of J.G. Ballard's experimental novel but it also makes original and imaginative points on top of that. J.G. Ballard is a genius and Jonathan Weiss has replicated that genius in an audio-visual experience of extraordinary power. One of the ten greatest films ever made.

Michael D (fr) wrote: love brooklyn, but still...

addiena i (gb) wrote: so predictable. entertaining though.I wonder this movie is actually what inspire korean horror The Eye, which been remade by hollywood by the same title but worst result (jessica alba's The Eye)?

Alex W (es) wrote: A strong statement to life, family, and love.

Millo T (ag) wrote: Story itself is only 2.5 stars worth, but graphics deserve half an additional star.

Eric M (de) wrote: A great lead performance from Treat Williams and a solid supporting cast of terrific character actors (including Jerry Orbach, Lance Henriksen, and Bob Balaban) add life to this fact-based crime drama, though its overlength and lack of any real momentum make it difficult to sit through at times. Director Sidney Lumet tackled similar material much more successfully with "Serpico" and this film has a bit of a repetitive feel to it.

Nelson W (de) wrote: Another very difficult movie to rate. For graphics, scenes and history telling, it is extremely well done. However, it is more documentary-like compare to what I want from a movie. Anyway, endless troops marching(20,000), 2000 horses charging. Endless battles and a wide angle of several km just covered by troops. What else can you ask for? Real human just feel different from CG. (like in Rings or Rome)

Jo S (ag) wrote: Not many people like this film but I do. Richard Mulligan is fun to watch.

Jim T (jp) wrote: This had so much potential, such a let down.