Father Figures

Father Figures


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Father Figures torrent reviews

Marjon O (br) wrote: One of the better revenge western movies with plausible plot and great cast!!

Kaushik V (kr) wrote: A nerve chilling movie. There isn't a single scene of violence in the entire movie but the effect that it creates is disturbing enough for one to imagine the nightmare that was Gujarat in 2002.Brilliant actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Deepti Naval and Paresh Rawal give the movie its impact. Written by actor turned debutant director Nandita Das, this film serves as an insight into the ambience that prevailed without nil bias.

Phillip W (kr) wrote: This movie was all right.

Matt G (jp) wrote: I wish we could send this movie to mars. Kitsch has the magnetism of a store front mannequin. The dialogue is expository and bland. It's handling of time and space is scatterbrained. The plot is convoluted. The world-building is mind-numbing nonsense. The entire thing is all sound and fury signifying nothing...I do, however, want one of those giant pig-dogs.

Mr Movie R (au) wrote: Another Shyamalan classic!

Gabriel C (gb) wrote: Twilight fans will squeal with delight, but more discerning viewers will be sickened by the movie's uneven acting and corny dialogue.

Ivy P (br) wrote: simply overwhelming...

Reiyan B (jp) wrote: I??m not absolutely sure why I like this movie but it is probably due to the gritty style comedy that I didn't expect from something starring Bobcat Goldthwait. The best knowledge of Bobcat that you could hope for from someone of my generation is his crappy show in the early 90s when the FX network was just starting, so to see something where he could actually somewhat act instead of just doing his typical high pitched signature voice and character was a big surprise. Also, it is funny to think of how much more of a budget this movie would need if they got the same actors 15 years later; Robin Williams and Adam Sandler would be way more expensive, even Kathy Griffin from her recent popular success and Tom Kenny being one of the most famous cartoon voices of SpongeBob would raise the budget...on the same note, Tom Kenny was easily the funniest part of the movie. His improv and the way he handled each scene had me cracking up as the jittery douche bag antagonist clown, I never knew he had it in him.

Marty M (de) wrote: Ackroyd and Hackman together at last! I must have this.

Johnny M (us) wrote: Will watch it if it's free? But will not pay to see it!

Ted W (fr) wrote: Terrible animation terrible rip off of madagasgar, terrible.

Karen M (it) wrote: The right kind of funny and smart.

Timothy J (it) wrote: The most bizarre love stories I've ever seen. Definitely Nicolas Cage's best role. Very grim and dark.