Father Hood

Father Hood

Deadbeat dad kidnaps his kids from the bus to an abusive foster home and they go on a run. The cops are after them, they bicker constantly and his idea of a way out is grim, yet this dangerous ride might just turn them into a family.

A deadbeat dad kidnaps his kids from the bus. Based on the true life stories and experiences of Michael J. Hardy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucas Augusto C (gb) wrote: A true, faithful, and characteristic denotvel portrait diary of one of the most beloved masters of cinema: Woody Allen. Here, the director reveals not only its great history behind the camera as well as on camera, such as your relationships with your audience and your work. The film shows not only the history but the history, success and fall of one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. Brilliant!

Greg S (br) wrote: A scientist develops a machine that can enter other people's memories, but on the first trial something goes wrong and he finds himself trapped in the mind of a heroin addict accused of murdering his girlfriend. A game and competent cast and crew do their best on a limited budget, but the script isn't quite smart enough to either convince us or to explore the most interesting implications of the technology.

Eric U (ru) wrote: Went to see this movie because i like football...and now i hate football.

CJ C (fr) wrote: Plot description is misleading. Story is political, but is mainly about a woman who cares for her invalid soldier husband who lost his arms & legs and cant speak. Very sad & well-acted by Shinobu Terajima. (Caution: graphic creepy sex scenes.)

Allen G (it) wrote: It's annoying and overly-quirky and I hate cats and tweeness and argh but it's still a good movie.There's plenty to grasp onto here, it doesn't tell you anything just shows you possibilities- you can take it where you like. You have to be willing though- it's all very true to itself and uncompromising in it's lack of a definitive... well, anything really.It is worthwhile though with a good script full of interesting ideas that aren't complete and don't need to be- just more possibilities. Despite all of that though, there's something very satisfying in the progression of this film and even though it feels like one to come back to and analyse, it still gives a powerful first viewing that has more going for it than just it's curiosity.There's some very astute scenes that are strangely touching and others that are just strangely annoying- the combination works though and fits the tone well. Some elements don't appeal to me at all- namely, the talking cat, the outcome is predictable and fairly cheap which is sad because without it the film is far more affecting with it's blatant subtlety (is that nonsensical? Probably.) and the cat element only adds a slither of charm- it made for a very good opening but it featured too prominently- once in the opening and once at the end would have done the trick. It's a real pity because there's some really good dialogue in those sequences but it just wasn't expressed right.There's plenty of beauty to be found here but you have to go through a little more than should be necessary- I enjoy this film-making style but this simply isn't the best example of it. Some will disagree though and for them this film will tick all the boxes, though the talking cat thing may annoy them too.Despite the aspects that annoy me there's so much here to make up for it and that's rare in my case- it's a strong piece of film-making and certainly worth a watch even if some of the elements don't appeal to you.

Ian B (au) wrote: DRAGONS. no need to say more

Erica K (fr) wrote: i think there were episides of walker texas ranger that were written and acted better...and less painful when wrapped up in an hour.

Keenan S (br) wrote: Kiss Of The Dragon is good, trashy fun that is well made and very entertaining from start to finish. While the plot is rather slapdash and generic, thankfully, there is plenty of action to keep the film entertaining. If you're looking for a breezy, ass-kicking 90-some-odd minutes of action entertainment, Kiss Of The Dragon delivers the goods for those needs.

sitenoise (us) wrote: Somehow, thirteen year old Wei Minzhi, who appears unable to act her way out of a paper bag turns in the performance of a lifetime. Blushing, awkward body language, a drifting gaze, and an pre-adolescent thespian's grasp of dialog pacing, filmed docu-realistically, come together to create the most endearing character I've seen in a long time. The film employs nonprofessional actors throughout, mostly children, to amazing effect. It's painful to think that this film portrays a reality of rural China so the story all by itself will probably make you cry. Seeing the story presented by a cast of real people makes it all the more powerful. The stubborn persistence of Wei's character, at first unrealistic, becomes poetic and inspiring. The ending might seem a little contrived but if ever there was a story that deserved a happy ending it's this one. A remarkable film.

Tina C (ca) wrote: An interesting movie. I would have prefered less of the parts from his various novels, just to make it more focused. What I really loved the most about this movie was the score. There's some great music used here.

Cindy R (kr) wrote: Cheesy and ageless. Love the music and stage performances.

Chris W (es) wrote: With this film, the legendary master of violent action Sam Peckinpah made his only (strict) war film. The story takes place along the Eastern Front of World War II in 1943, and follows a hardened, weary corporal (later sargeant) named Steiner who, besides battling Russian forces, gets into a battle of wills with Capt. Stransky- a member of the Prussian aristocracy who vows to win the coveted Iron Cross (the highest medal one in the Germany army can win)at all costs.So yeah, besides being a big war film, this deals with class conflict, cultural issues, and has typical Peckinpah themes such as masculinity, honor, and the corrupting influence of violence. It's some good stuff. The film had a pretty low budget, and the shoot was troubled, but all in all, this is a pretty decent and satisfying film. It is pretty obvious that the film's creating was plagued by torubles and limitations, especially in the end where it just seems really rushed, sloppy, and tacked on. I do dig the ending, but I can't help but imagine what the real end result could have been like had the film had a bigger budget.The casting is quite nice, with James Coburn (doing his best Lee Marvin) in the lead as Steiner, and Maximilian Schnell as the well to do Stransky. James Mason and David Warner also show up and do some stuff, although their story doesn't really go anywhere. Still though, everyone does a pretty decent job. The real highlight are the fantastic battle sequences. This should be a given since Peckinpah helmed it, but, even though he's topped what's in here by a great amount in his otehr works, the action is gritty, raw, and has everything you'd expect fromhim. I especially loved the neat silent scenes that show up once in a while .All in all, this is a pretty fine war film. It's somewhat messy and maybe slightly draggy, but it's entertaining, and gives you exactly the sort of gritty, bitter, and angry depiction of vioence and combat that Peckinpah is famous for.

Jonny P (ru) wrote: "Mogambo" is significantly less exciting that the Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom. I approached this film with high expectations due to its three shining Hollywood stars, two Oscar nominations in acting, and being Grace Kelly's first film. ...I should have done more research. While the critics loved its star power, I found the film to be boring (as evidenced by my falling asleep within the first half-hour on both nights that I attempted to watch it). Most of the dialogue is unnecessary to the furthering of the plot and it seemed like film should be about a gorilla hunt or a love triangle, not both. The nature footage is quite stunning, particularly the apes, but this footage would've fared better as a nature documentary. It is painfully obvious that the apes and actors were filmed in completely different places, but that doesn't really matter since it has very little to do with the love story anyways. A mid-afternoon third attempt at watching the film allowed me to finish it. Barely. I'm glad that I finished it just so that I could get to the climactic scene but, other than those five minutes of movie magic, I don't see any point in enduring "Mogambo."

Sachit T (fr) wrote: Not the best but you cannot not watch a movie with Morgan Freeman in it.

Ben L (nl) wrote: This is a movie that I don't think holds up well, it feels entirely dated and locked into the late 80s. The plot is completely predictable and bland. The characters all seem like they were torn from a Saturday Night Live sketch, and that doesn't provide the depth to hold up for a 2-hour movie. Sure, there are moments that make me laugh, but they are rare. The worst part of the film is that this is patient zero for Eddie Murphy makeup comedy. Somehow he got it into his head that you don't have to write strong jokes, just put on makeup to become 5 or more different broadly-stereotyped characters and the audience will be entertained. I don't get it. I watch him as a barber, a Jew, a pastor, etc. and I'm waiting for there to be a reason. Am I just supposed to laugh because I know it's Eddie Murphy or Arsenio Hall? Coming to America isn't a failure, and it offers a handful of good jokes, but I still blame it for turning Eddie Murphy onto this strange idea that costumes + makeup = humor.

Aaron D (it) wrote: to me this movie seems to be ok but It lacks I'm some parts this movie could have been better if they push the story and push it to the limit instead of having a story nearly makes no sense I feel this movie had a great idea just expand on it to make it better

Carlos M (it) wrote: What begins as a clever satire that uses lycanthropy as a witty metaphor for puberty soon gets sadly derailed in a disappointing development in which it seems to go awry and lose its way (mainly its thematic focus) into mere gore and violence (though I do like how it ends).

Anthony H (us) wrote: It may deter a little when they leave basic training, but the jokes are spot-on, the script highly quotable, and Murray as funny as ever.

Dan G (kr) wrote: The story is one of the modern western world: "Let's take our moral compass and distort it to satisfy our instant emotional impulse." We see what happens when the world looks at Superman as "old fashion" because he embraces morals and values; and we see what happens should Superman ever conform to the modern mentality.