Father Knows...

Father Knows...

Father Knows... is a bittersweet comedy-drama that tells the story of Love Family and personal estrangements spanning over 15 years in the life of what seem like a simple American Family. Not so. The story is told from the view point of hunky Brad who at the start of this film is scripting his memoirs focusing on the love of his life Ira their awful break up and Ira s stormy relationship with his parents especially his father who occupies a center piece in this melodrama.The final revelation is that love is something which cannot be conquered all at once but takes years of patience is fully realized in Father Knows a film that will take you on a sometimes funny sometimes heart felt but always entertaining journey which might evoke sweet memories of your first true love.

Father Knows... is a bittersweet comedy-drama that tells the story of Love Family and personal estrangements spanning over 15 years in the life of what seem like a simple American Family. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Love M (es) wrote: This was quite a thrilling film, with twist and turns that when you think you know whos winning it turns around again! Although the ending gets predictable when Michael Madsen takes Val Kilmers wallet, this is still an enjoyable film, with great perfromances and action. Michael Madsen looked gorgeous in it!!

Tamiya B (ag) wrote: i liked this one much better then 2 but still these movies seem to be a waste of money and time. they could have been much better if more time had been put into the making and script of them. just saying!!

Mark I (ag) wrote: 5 out of 5 brilliant film about Martin Luther King Jr, top notch performances from everyone involved, sad thing tho about how all the the political topics the film speaks about are still incredibly relevant now

unknown c (ru) wrote: Not bad. Unique story. Fair animation. Decent characters. Good songs. Poor Climate.

DJ (fr) wrote: Sell fifty pills in one day, good luck.

Alex W (es) wrote: if your really into stand up you will love this. Its nice to know that its hard even for the pros.

Pedro P (nl) wrote: A terrifically charming and deft film about the thick line that separates film glamour from the real world, and the thin line between common sense and paranoia. It's a pleasure to watch the two leads - Yvan Attal and the fabulous Charlotte Gainsbourg - act out their psychodrama - be it 'faux' or genuine - for the big screen, and though it's not much more substantial than Woody Allen's similar Hollywood Ending, Attal's briskly paced film has a lot more energy. Not too fancy, not too filling, not too fluffy, but definitely tasty and sweet.

Gabriel Arthur P (gb) wrote: This film kind of drags, but it's worth watching once. The problem is that once you see the ending, it doesn't have anywhere near the same suspense or impact the second time because you already know the trick. There are some neat effects, decent enough acting, good camera work and other technical aspects. But I had to include the acting in "technical aspects" because between Gary Sinise, Madeleine Stowe and for crying out loud Vincent D'Onofrio, I don't think there's a non-wooden performance between them. I consider all three of them to be fairly unreadable actors (and D'Onofrio to be particularly annoying to boot) and I can only imagine the decision making behind putting such a trifecta together. Maybe it had something to do with making sure there was no way the actors could possibly telegraph the movie's magic trick secret to the audience. I give it three out of five stars, because even a one-trick pony can look good. Now, the story takes place in 2079 and is about a weapons designer and his wife fighting to regain their sanity In A World where red-scare-like paranoia keeps security measures solid -- despite errors. A detective thinks he knows what's really going on, but we're given ample reasons to believe the detective is just being measurably paranoid. Since D'Onofrio (the detective) is exceptionally gifted at being grating and impersonable, the audience is left to their own glitch-fed devices. Epileptics be warned, the high-contrast two-frame flashbacks come fast and furious and guerrilla camerawork often blends with spot-lit black interiors mixed with MTV-style fast-cut angles. This film actually hurts the eyes. I take it back: two out of five.

Anthony T (fr) wrote: A fairly decent prequel/ sequel which has a decent story, a good amount of suspense, and overall physiologically intriguing. After watching 2-4, I really wonder if this is one of the most underrated franchises in horror... Really these films can compete against many other large franchises best. I do recommend this to suspense fans

Stella D (fr) wrote: one of the most fun of shaw brothers' films. and ho is a character's name okay?

Michael W (ca) wrote: Poorly crafted lighthearted Western has Lollobrigida playing many sides in a vast swindle of a million dollars from the Mexican army. Necessary viewing for Van Cleef completists while James Mason, for his part, does not appear until well past halfway and seems out of place. Features a rather distinctive barber shop-style score.

Tobias B (ru) wrote: A mix of movie plots seen before that never takes off. Fares and Skarsgaard is ok though. A weak 2 star rating.

Christopher S (fr) wrote: Serviceable psycho-thriller has its moments, but is ultimately underwhelming. An original story, and strong performances by Anthony Perkins and Tuesday Weld - the plot stretches credibility and it just never lives up to its full potential. Not a bad film, by any means, but not as memorable as it should be.

Aaron M (ca) wrote: Surprisingly one of the best dance movies I have seen.

Austin M (es) wrote: 3/4 Stars This movie is a good movie with great performances by Sean Penn, her wife Robin Wright, and John Travolta. This movie actually amused me in some ways. It wouldn't be something I would watch over and over again, but I would enjoy this movie more if I did.

Maksim B (kr) wrote: An unorthodox sports biopic, Pawn Sacrifice is a tensed, paranoid and very human drama about one of the most controversial sports minds of the 20th Ceuntury. Despite the numerous movies made about the "Game of the Century", the movie never fails to keep the suspense and the tension alive even if the moments depicting the main character's emotional and psychological troubles are somehow over the top.As everyone can assume from the above lines, Pawn Sacrifice tells the story of the chess game between Bobby Fischer (Tobey Maguire) and Boris Spassky (Liev Schreiber). It does this in a way that not only entertains the viewers who have no interest in the game, but also adds up interesting and curious elements to the complicated character of Bobby Fischer. More a biopic than a specific focus on the legendary game that took place in Icelenad, Edward Zwick's movie is a production about passion, paranoia, victory, loss and last but not least, politics. This, unfortunately, has a partially negative effect on the study of Fischer's character and those who have expected to see a detailed character-study could potentially not be fully satisfied. Yet, the sensitive, vulnerable and paranoid performance of Tobey Maguire partially compensates the fact that the chess takes so much of the on-screen time. Speaking of Tobey Maguire, it should be mentioned that he and Liev Schreiber are a formidable duo and the clash between them is worth being seen. As a whole, Pawn Sacrifice is far from being at the level of some of Edward Zwick's classics, such as Glory or Blood Diamond. Nevertheless it is much better than the majority of recent sports dramas and it certainly has its place among Zwick's better deliveries. Even if you are not a fan of chess, this movie is worth being seen.

Ramos J (fr) wrote: I remember seeing this one at the drive in with my family.