Father of Four - In Japanese Mode

Father of Four - In Japanese Mode


When a Japanese family moves in next door, Per and Shin, the same age, instantly become friends. But after the boys cut school, each set of parents' blames the other, causing a rift between neighbors. What will it take for the two families to reconcile their differences? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jody S (fr) wrote: Great movie!! Very informative

Landon W (ca) wrote: this is a great movie

ven p (jp) wrote: does a great job of documenting the religious discrimination that goes on behind closed doors in university environments.

Fanny C (it) wrote: Cute little indie flick w/ an interesting take on the concept of trust and relationships. The main characters are well developed and the actors well cast. A decent date movie, although it may be unfairly portrayed as a chick flick.

Katherine B (nl) wrote: This is the best take on Frankenstein I have ever seen.

Dalma L (it) wrote: ("Kisgyk") Great story and a lot of LOL moments. Very interesting "happy end" with a giraffe.

Timothy P (it) wrote: 30 minutes too long. 30 minutes of too much ineffective mood setting.

Ayo A (us) wrote: Wonderful movie that deals with the relationship between a mother and her daughter.Very,very true to life.

Noelle M (jp) wrote: great movie, Will smiths jokes mixed with Tommy lee Jones seriousness ='s to a greatness

Mine C (us) wrote: Istanbul drom,Balada conducatorolui...

Brendan W (it) wrote: So incredibility bad and reeking with 80s cheesyness that it was one of the funniest movies i have ever seen.

Garrett O (kr) wrote: Lina Wertmuller's tour de force on sex and class. What does a woman really want? According to Lina it's waiting on a man hand and foot while he aggressively satisfies her sexual needs. Feminism it's not, but it is a great movie about the sexes and if Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew" is the original then this is a pretty good knock-off.

Greg W (br) wrote: gr8 cast round out this big budget western directed by the gr8 Raoul Walsh

Aj V (es) wrote: Grant and Dunne make a great couple in this movie. It's very funny and romantic at the same time. I highly recommend this to fans of Grant.

Brian S (kr) wrote: light and fluffy drama--can't say I much cared for it. Spencer Tracy gives a great performance, but when the focus shifts from him to Mickey Rooney, I quickly lose interest. I would have loved more development of boys town and a more in-depth look at Father Flanagan. instead, we get a pretty glossed-over history and a really hammy "bad boy turned good" story that's about as cookie-cutter as they come. there are some strong points to this movie, and it certainly leaves you with a good feeling inside, but as well-made movies go, there are easily much better.

Jayakrishnan R (fr) wrote: 85%Watched this on 7/4/15Eight Below is elevated by exemplary performances of the eight dogs and the film is nothing like anything I have ever seen, a one true unique experience. Eight below is an underrated film and a mesmerizing achievement for Disney studio in live action genre.

Orlok W (gb) wrote: Big Jake Holds His Own--The Dirty Harry of Westerns!!