Father's Chair

Father's Chair

A man who has put his career ahead of everything else in life learns the value of family when his son goes missing.

A man who has put his career ahead of everything else in life learns the value of family when his son goes missing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan B (ag) wrote: James Franco's performance is so bad, it made it hard to enjoy the movie, his delivery in every scene is lazy and has zero emotions. It's sad for me to say that I think he has peaked as an actor, I really enjoyed 127 hours but I cannot name another movie with him as the lead that I could say is even good. As far as the story goes? OZ is not the kind of man you root for , he's a jerk and I wanted him to fail. A good movie should always let me in, make me feel as if I'm there with the characters , but I was on the outside looking in throughout the entire film.

August M (mx) wrote: Enigmatic, surreal, and incredibly provocative, Certified Copy is a triumph of ideas over narrative. A film about copies, authenticity, and originality that's more concerned with starting a discussion than bringing cathartic narrative moments. It's rare to see a film this different and this smart. It defies description or even plot explanation. And Binoche is at her radiant best (then again, when is she not).

Greg K (ca) wrote: What an odd movie. My interest was not peaked by this strange desert experiment. Wasn't feeling the flashbacks either. Odd all the way around.

Kimee W (au) wrote: power of japanese film

Hhle K (ru) wrote: You'll never see a more important and enlightening documentary

Robert B (br) wrote: A rather good Norwegian feel good flick. I enjoyed this one.

Colin S (kr) wrote: A unique set of action sequences - New York itself makes for an exciting playground - and the series is enriched by the addition of Irons and Jackson. But Bedelia is sorely missed - in fact it's a sore point that the only female of significance in the action has absolutely no lines. Otherwise it's an effective flick.

007 W (mx) wrote: I love the lion king it's great

Cheley O (jp) wrote: another Alan Rickman film!!!

Steve N (au) wrote: This last of the seven pairings of director Sydney Pollack and favorite leading man Robert Redford is a curious bird. On the one hand, it's a bloated, overwritten melange of not-so-subtle influences from Hemingway to Casablanca. On the other, it's a beautifully photographed, wonderfully acted film that tells the story of an aging card player (Redford) looking for the "big one" in Havana, Cuba as Castro's revolution reaches its peak. Redford is unsurprisingly solid and looks terrific alongside stunning Lena Olin, in the role that completed her Hollywood transition after her debut to American audiences in The Unbearable Lightness of Being. The film works best when it is just these two on screen. The love story works despite the whirlwind nature of it because these actors make us believe it. The Dominican Republic locations added texture to the photography and helped to sell the story, especially when Jack heads into the war-torn countryside in search of Roberta. If memory serves, the film was largely panned on release for what it was trying to be, but I choose to give the kudos it deserves for what it is: a slightly high-calorie love story worth a look.

Bruno L (nl) wrote: Definitely one of the worst movies from the series. I can't believe Sharon Stone is in the cast's list. At least they brought G.W. Bailey back, but many characters who were added to the series in the last 2 movies should not be in this one. Humor is almost nonexistent in this one. Also the people who played Tackleberry's family in law are not funny.

Trevor W (nl) wrote: So very dull. Doesn't get remotely interesting until the last 20 minutes, when it gets somewhat kind of interesting

Private U (br) wrote: Premier film de Tavernier. Un film simple, profond et politique ! Extraordinaire !

Tim S (jp) wrote: As far as Marx Brothers movies go, Room Service is probably one of their least when it comes to laughs. There are some here and there, but the whole thing feels uneven tonally. It feels more serious most of the time than comedic. The plot follows the goofy guys as they attempt to raise enough money to put on a play while also trying to hide from a grumpy hotel manager and keep their actors and crew from quitting on them. Hijinks and witticisms ensue. There's nothing much new here for the guys, but there's an overriding sense of urgency, as well as a tone that wavers too heavily towards serious. On the one hand, it's used for dramatic effects, but on the other, you can never really feel sorry for these guys, as likable as they are. They're sketches of people more than they are characters, which is why I don't think this particular movie works. It's not a terrible movie from the Marx Bros., but it's certainly not one of their best.

Eliabeth O (it) wrote: Katharine Hepburn plays a young girl whose family is at the low-end of the social scene in their town, thanks to her father's loyalty to a local business. Still, a young man gets interested and Alice's attempts to play-up her family's situation are both laugh-out-loud funny and tragic all at once. Any Jane Austen fans will recognize the same witty satire of the upper class, and those who try too hard penetrate it.

Steve S (it) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Paul M (jp) wrote: Much better than it's predecessor.

David W (gb) wrote: Good ideas and Animation, but short and predictable

Daniel D (jp) wrote: Could be good... could be terrible...