Fathers & Daughters

Fathers & Daughters

A Pulitzer-winning writer grapples with being a widower and father after a mental breakdown, while, 27 years later, his grown daughter struggles to forge connections of her own. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ajeesh V (us) wrote: Worst Movie Ever... Bad story, screenplay & Execution..

Angela U (kr) wrote: I can't get this 1 hour and 38 minutes back. Ever. Formulaic, disjointed and not suprising. Quiad was good, really really bad script.

Jon J (ca) wrote: Neat visuals and a sometimes interesting story that can't help but play out like a lamer version of Blade Runner.

Victor M (us) wrote: This is a story of jaded dreams, and everlasting tomorrows. The film Los Lunes al Sol is brought together with acting mastery and a tale too timeless to forget. The main character Santa and his friends have lost their jobs at the shipyard. Unfortunately for the people of Vigo, South Korea?s cost-effective ships tore away at Spain?s ability to compete with trading nations at the peak of Globalization. This movie is a brilliant illustration of how to deal with what?s lost. For them, unemployment is simply a means to an end; A way of going through life, even when the road seems different than before. Pride and dignity is immovable and steadfast with the people at the shipyard, however they know it is their way of life to be ? forever changed by the effects of a dog eat dog system.

Justin M (es) wrote: It is what it is... WE call these 'Hood Classics'. When they come out you grab it off the shelves, watch it alone, take it all in. Then anytime one of the boys are over you watch it in the background. Paying attention in 30 second intervals just to hear the next witty line or gunshot. You gotta see it if your a fan for Jay-Z, Roc-A-Fella, or Beanie Sigel. Compared to other 'Hood Classics' this is a solid effort. No handy cams. No cliche rapper names like G-Dog or P-Killah.

ra r (it) wrote: Fantastic film with comedy, romance and even mobster entities. Classic... one of my favourites films. Have seen it at the Cinema and finally watched it on HD. Great film. You have to see it to really judge for yourself.

Robert H (us) wrote: I knew from the box art I was going to be watching something completely different than their Oscar winning film Spirited Away... what I wasn't expecting was to not be entertained. The animation in this "film" is rather poor. The style is ok and while isn't my cup of tea, is still an interesting fashion to do a cartoon but there are several moments where characters don't seem to be drawn properly, moments of poor movement and just plain sloppy looking pieces. Animation aside it's clear the film still contains a lot of the nuances that make up a Studio Ghibli film when it comes to the "story". The ups and downs of this family is told in a manner that gives the family a clear sense of heartwarming sensibility while still being overly goofy. It plays off similar to a Brady Bunch version of Benny Hill or Monty Python except the jokes aren't nearly as funny. In fact, some of the writing here has been seen and done so many times that the film can seem boring due to its familiarity.My Neighbors the Yamadas isn't something I'd recommend people check out as I don't think it really works as a full feature film. Played as little pieces in front of or between other comedy specials or cartoons, the vignettes contained within would work much better but watching them one after the other made the film a little tedious. If not for the studio sense of whimsy and heart, My Neighbors the Yamadas would have come off as a failed experiment. As is, it's just not that interesting despite being observational and realistic in their comedic tellings.

Jayakrishnan R (ag) wrote: 78%Saw this on 2/8/15Wild Things has a lot of genuine unpredictable twists and a few enforced and misplaced ones, however, on the whole, I liked the finished product, especially the way in which they brought everything to light in the end. Director John McNaughton does a considerable job with what he is provided with and as far as the acting is concerned, only Bill Murray shines with his comic timing. Wild things remains better than most of the rest of the erotic thrillers.

Marc R (ru) wrote: Shorter and more concise in its narrative than his later films, this is Malick's most satisfying feature. Malick and his great cinematographer create moments and images of intimacy, quiet contemplation and biblical power. This is a visually rich and spare story of loss and humanity. There is a feeling of ephemerality here captured on a level that few films have met, and Malick seems to revel in. On a more abstract level, it is a melancholy, dreamy evocation of the intensity, mystery, and sadness that permeates existence, and these moods seem to be reflected in nature itself.

Jon L (it) wrote: It's so bad that it's good. #guiltypleasures

lucy w (gb) wrote: Nobody does melodramas like Douglas Sirk. The vivid colors, the larger-than-life emotions and resolutions, the tormented characters... Dorothy Malone, in particular, is mesmerizing. A definitive 50's classic.

Wes S (mx) wrote: Slow paced, typical mystery, and a bit of a bore. Not a lot seems to happen, and the film doesn't hold a lot of interest. Decent at best.

Ben V (us) wrote: I loved this movie. The acting was superb. And a very risky subject grief and loss. But two totally lost people meet each other and face there grief together and actually help each other to face it, accept it, and finally find peace amazing.

Keegan K (us) wrote: What a classic throwback to a bygone era! It's got the nerds, it's got the popular kids, and it's got the girl that no one knows about who is in love with the most popular guy. It's got the nerd humor, the big school dance, raging house parties, and family drama. Ultimately Samantha's family has forgotten her 16th birthday! Overall it is pretty fun but it's not the lovey-dovey romantic movie, it definitely more of a negative feel as opposed to a positive upbeat movie. Some language. But the ending is great. You just have to wait so long for it to get there! I'm not sure I'd see it again, but it was fun.