Fathers & Daughters

A Pulitzer-winning writer grapples with being a widower and father after a mental breakdown, while, 27 years later, his grown daughter struggles to forge connections of her own.

A Pulitzer-winning writer grapples with being a widower and father after a mental breakdown, while, 27 years later, his grown daughter struggles to forge connections of her own

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Users reviews

Ajeesh V (us)

. Bad story, screenplay & Execution. . . Worst Movie Ever

Angela U (kr)

Quiad was good, really really bad script. Formulaic, disjointed and not suprising. Ever. I can't get this 1 hour and 38 minutes back

Ben V (us)

But two totally lost people meet each other and face there grief together and actually help each other to face it, accept it, and finally find peace amazing. And a very risky subject grief and loss. The acting was superb. I loved this movie

Jayakrishnan R (ag)

Wild things remains better than most of the rest of the erotic thrillers. Director John McNaughton does a considerable job with what he is provided with and as far as the acting is concerned, only Bill Murray shines with his comic timing. 78%Saw this on 2/8/15Wild Things has a lot of genuine unpredictable twists and a few enforced and misplaced ones, however, on the whole, I liked the finished product, especially the way in which they brought everything to light in the end

Jon J (ca)

Neat visuals and a sometimes interesting story that can't help but play out like a lamer version of Blade Runner

Jon L (it)

guiltypleasures. It's so bad that it's good

Justin M (es)

No cliche rapper names like G-Dog or P-Killah. No handy cams. Compared to other 'Hood Classics' this is a solid effort. You gotta see it if your a fan for Jay-Z, Roc-A-Fella, or Beanie Sigel. Paying attention in 30 second intervals just to hear the next witty line or gunshot. Then anytime one of the boys are over you watch it in the background. When they come out you grab it off the shelves, watch it alone, take it all in. WE call these 'Hood Classics'. . . It is what it is

Keegan K (us)

You just have to wait so long for it to get there! I'm not sure I'd see it again, but it was fun. But the ending is great. Some language. Ultimately Samantha's family has forgotten her 16th birthday! Overall it is pretty fun but it's not the lovey-dovey romantic movie, it definitely more of a negative feel as opposed to a positive upbeat movie. It's got the nerd humor, the big school dance, raging house parties, and family drama. What a classic throwback to a bygone era! It's got the nerds, it's got the popular kids, and it's got the girl that no one knows about who is in love with the most popular guy

lucy w (gb)

A definitive 50's classic. Dorothy Malone, in particular, is mesmerizing. . . The vivid colors, the larger-than-life emotions and resolutions, the tormented characters. Nobody does melodramas like Douglas Sirk

Marc R (ru)

On a more abstract level, it is a melancholy, dreamy evocation of the intensity, mystery, and sadness that permeates existence, and these moods seem to be reflected in nature itself. There is a feeling of ephemerality here captured on a level that few films have met, and Malick seems to revel in. This is a visually rich and spare story of loss and humanity. Malick and his great cinematographer create moments and images of intimacy, quiet contemplation and biblical power. Shorter and more concise in its narrative than his later films, this is Malick's most satisfying feature