Fathers of the Sport

Fathers of the Sport

Tells the story of an American social culture embedded with racism, war, oppression, and poverty where these asphalt warriors escaped and rose above it all with a mutual love and respect.

Tells the story of an American social culture embedded with racism, war, oppression, and poverty where these asphalt warriors escaped and rose above it all with a mutual love and respect. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mayank A (br) wrote: Big Disappointment. The movie is a fictionalized story which breezes threw Mary Kom's achievements without getting into details. Instead it relies on witty dialogues & hyped up emotional drama. The Script, Direction as well as acting are horrible. Priyanka Chopra always seems like an outsider among the rest of Manipuri looking cast. The movie would have been an average watch if it were just another Bollywood movie but in trying to ride on Magnificent Mary's fame, it made me irritated.

John Eric D (gb) wrote: I love metallica as well as the Metal genre itself.. This movie? yeah i love it. But then still lacks some of my expectations especially its Metallica thus the subject never interests me at some point. I need more gladiator brutality and more fight scenes but that was me anyways. Awesome metallica concert as always.. 4 out of 5

Adesh P (ru) wrote: It must have taken a lot of effort to write a film like this and I really appreciate it.

Karrald G (ru) wrote: Amazing performance all together. Cast was well found, but there was some confusion as to what Sonya looked like and how brutal her death was in this movie and its following sequel, Underworld.

Gabriel K (ru) wrote: Not even nearly as funny as it tries to be. Perhaps this could have worked with a better cast and more experienced director/screenwriter.

Alex K (ag) wrote: I Have 2016's Deadpool On UV.

Andrew C D (us) wrote: Far better then it's live action predecessor, but that's not saying much.

Courtney S (us) wrote: I cannot find this movie anywhere. I'm just glad I taped it from Sundance, but the transfer is pathetic.

Alex K (ag) wrote: 1993's Schindler's List Is My Fifth Favorite Film Of All Time.

Brian R (us) wrote: In 1962, the highly ranked Russian intelligence officer Boris Kusenov defects to the United States of America with his wife and his daughter under the protection of CIA agent Michael Nordstrom. In Washington, Boris discloses the Russian movement in Cuba, and Nordstrom asks the French agent and his friend Andre Devereaux to get further documents from the Cuban leader Rico Parra using his anti-American corrupt secretary Luis Uribe. Then Devereaux travels to Cuba to get additional evidence of the Cuban Missiles with his mistress Juanita de Cordoba. When Devereaux returns, he receives orders from the French government to return to France to explain his participation in Cuba. However Nordstrom schedules a meeting of Devereaux with Boris and the ex-KGB official tells him about Topaz, the codename for a group of French officials in high circles who work for the Soviet Union. Further, he tells that the French NATO representative Henri Jarre is the second in the chain of command of the spy ring Topaz, leaking classified information to the soviets, and the head of spies in known only by the codename of Columbine. Devereaux realizes that he can not reveal the truth before finding who the traitor is. "Topaz" is not one of Hitchcock's best but it's not a bad film. The problem has to do with the ending and the film's pace, audiences (including myself) will have a difficult time understanding the secret agent lingo. The movie is very well casted and the performances is well acted. I especially enjoyed watching the scenes between the late actor Frederick Stafford and the beautiful Karin Dor. Hitchcock had problems with the studio and the test audiences, and reshoots but was able to complete it nonetheless. "Topaz" imo is still enjoyable to watch and just to slowly savour.

Colette M (au) wrote: A great movie with a great moral!

Mahmoud Z (mx) wrote: Not a big fan of Kristen, but she was a good fit for this movie.it is not a movie for everybody, but the monotonous scenario and the multi FPS sequenced cinematography are well done, a good watch.

Sondre L (nl) wrote: Ganske kjedelig action-aktig film med noen interessante elementer.

Jason B (gb) wrote: I loved this, thought the whole cast were great. A superb watch.

Ryan S (ag) wrote: One of my all time favorites...the Walken and Hopper scene is just epic.

Christian H (ag) wrote: Self-indulgent and dissapointing, but still good