Overweight loner Rino spends his days in seclusion, until his dad rents a room to an overtly sexual girl who challenges Rino to break down his walls.

Overweight loner Rino spends his days in seclusion, until his dad rents a room to an overtly sexual girl who challenges Rino to break down his walls. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jen b (au) wrote: WOW worst acting ever!

Natasa R (de) wrote: i like Broken social scene , seriously. But this movie is crap full of hipster cliches .

Shaun G (nl) wrote: Loved the first one, watched it with my father. This should be awesome.

Henk E (us) wrote: Interesting period film about a 'lady visitor' who falls in love with an inmate at a woman's prison in the 1870s. She is fascinated by the strange girl, who we find out was someone who commune with the dead, and she is faced with the dilemma: Is their love real or is it an act the girl is putting on to get something from her.The acting is good and the story intriguing and mysterious. It keeps you guessing for a while, but you'll be able to figure out what's going on before the end of the movie. I don't think it will be a very memorable movie though, but it isn't bad and I'm glad I saw it.

bill s (nl) wrote: Another disappointing Vincent Gallo ego trip.

Larry R B (nl) wrote: Good caper movie! I enjoyed it!

Mommy (br) wrote: love this movie!!!!!!

Julie C (ru) wrote: WOW this really is one of those "Don't Judge A Film By It's Cover" movies. Not a bad film at all but not what expected. You may think by looking at the cover that this is a girl gets job as a Secretary but she provides "more than the usual secretarial tasks" and that's not too far from the truth but not exactly as you'd expect. I have to say that's 2 hours out of my life that I won't get back. I probably would have enjoyed this film better if I was in a different frame of mind at the time of watching.

Adam A (nl) wrote: It is rare to see this level of honesty in a teenage drama about a serious subject, but Fucking ml does it, and does it well!

Fevi Y (us) wrote: gay filmimidir nedir:):

Dan M (ru) wrote: A tense thriller with a "gotcha" ending.

Michael K (nl) wrote: I thought this was great. Loved Tammin's work, she played her part really well. The music was good too, so if u like High School Musical see this.

Christopher A (au) wrote: One of my fav sci-fi movies when I was younger. Cheesy and sappy, but great at the same time. Plays and feels like it was made in the 80s, but that's okay cause it was.

Jose R (br) wrote: One of the best spaghetti westerns ever made.

Nicolas M (gb) wrote: Mortel ! Je viens de dcouvrir... le plus prs des Tontons Flingueurs que j'ai pu trouver en Italien...

Jacob B (fr) wrote: It plagiarises without hesitation from other sci-fi classics and doesn't really break any new ground but Click benefits from tons of laughs, a charming cast with Christopher Walken ultimately stealing the show in every scene he's in and an unexpected dramatic third act which is ultimately heartbreaking and compensates for any flaws it had in the first two acts.

Simon D (it) wrote: Apart from Natalie Portman, the cast here is normally enough to put you off before you start watching. The screenplay, however, is what makes this a terrible film. The story isn't much better. If you are one of those people who drool over the thought of Natalie Portman stripping then this film is a must watch, but I advise you to do it in mute mode.

Alenwort T (de) wrote: A beautiful, poignant, original film that is more unsettling than 95% of horror films