A lower-caste male falls in love with an upper-caste princess.

A lower-caste male falls in love with an upper-caste princess. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Faulad torrent reviews

Andrew Newlin N (es) wrote: A tale of obsession and people at their wits end. The story is so captivating and the perfect example of when less is more in a great movie.

Peter B (jp) wrote: An Austrian fantasy comedy about the reestablishment of a new order in the aftermath of the disastrous "Google Wars". It is a very funny and enjoyable little movie, yet brutally honest in its dark political message.

Jordi T (gb) wrote: Tremenda pelicula de animacion espaola con el tema de la vejez como escenario. Y por muy de animacion que sea, la carga negra que lleva es bastante densa. Los personajes, aunque no demasiados, estan muy bien definidos y una sensacion de tristeza permanente te invade desde el principio hasta el final de la historia. Recomendable pero con un regustillo de mal rollo importante...

Tim M (kr) wrote: Some subtitles would have been nice, many sentences are unintelligibly Scottish. Great acting and directing. Cool mix of witchcraft, monster and teen romantic drama.

Donna L (us) wrote: It's a really smart satire! Well done!! Loved it!

Patrick E (kr) wrote: The attrocities that happened within the infamous S-21 Khmer Rouge prison in Phnom Penh is a story that must be told, unfortunately this documentary is painfully slow and unengaging and doesn't tell the story as well as it should. Kudos to the director for trying something new, the story is told entirely by prison guards and survivors, at many points they discuss the attrocitoes together. Sadly though there is too many boring re-enactments and not enough facts given. A lot of the run-time is simply the guards repeating the actions that they did all those years ago but why the director felt the need to get them to do the same thing so many times I'll never understand.It's a documentary that tries to take a fresh approach but it largely fails by not prividing us with enough of the shocking facts that the world needs to know. Disappointing.

Karen B (gb) wrote: What can i say? The memories I have of this movie are probably better than the actual movie, but...

Adam S (de) wrote: This movie is awsome

James R (mx) wrote: About a polish death camp during the Holocaust, over 300 Jews revolted and escaped. Very realistic holocaust movie, and a true story. Its definitely worth watching.. its not in Schindler list's league but a great movie

Reece H (nl) wrote: This was well directed and well acted, a classic Marx Brothers film, a classic film which was watchable and it is also enjoyably and funny.

stephen c (es) wrote: Not interested in this it's really really bad