God and Satan war over earth; to settle things, they wager on the soul of Faust, a learned and prayerful alchemist.

The demon Mephisto wagers with God that he can corrupt a mortal man's soul. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Faust torrent reviews

Julia L (ag) wrote: This was pretty good for a made-for-TV movie. The acting was decent and it was a good updated version of the story. I wouldn't watch it again, but it was well worth my time.

Alex C (mx) wrote: A wonderfully imaginative movie, putting a spin on the familiar tale of Sleeping Beauty. An unstoppable and uncurable virus is spreading throughout the world, and a select few are chosen to be put in cold sleep until a cure is found. But all is not as it seems... Kings of Thorns has it all---with plenty of action, depth and great characters.

Jaime L (us) wrote: I didn't know anything about this movie and the only reason because I watched this is because Milla Jovovich was in it; and I have to admit that I really liked this movie it has a lot of intrigue and suspense and the most important thing is that the movie is not boring at all. What I like the most about this movie is Milla Jovovich because most of the times she has been playing roles as the strong powerful woman and in this case she plays one helpless woman with a lot of problems; who is being hunted by a serial killer. Good Movie.

Andrew M (us) wrote: Rush Hour is action packed and hilarious. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are hilarious together. This movie was brilliant and successful. I would suggest this movie.

Connor F (ca) wrote: Even from the first scenes of the film, you don't even have to see the credits to know this is a Michael Bay film. Every aspect from the out of place comedy, the exaggerated drama and the use of massive explosions as key plot points are all key elements in one of his movie love-children. That said, you get a very mixed result from this wild blend. The first half is where the random explosions and comedy overrun everything, and you really want to just dismiss is as crap before wasting 2 and a half hours on it. As soon as the characters do reach space, things tense up and you finally get the thrill ride advertised. People are in peril and you anxiously watch as the race against the clock unravels. Some would say that the cheesy drama still bogs it down too much, but the action does have its redeeming qualities and for the most part the acting works. Armageddon is bloated and dumb, but the second half manages to at least earn back our interest with some highlight reel action.

Scott B (ru) wrote: Henry Fonda is awful in this film. He really ruins it. John Wayne, Shirley Temple, and the supporting cast are great. It's worth watching, but only if you've run through the other great westerns of the era.

Benjamin W (de) wrote: A well-paced and well-rounded story of war, this film shows many different aspects of its influence through six different episodes, easily tying the struggles of normal people together through the unifying aspect of war.

Sonya D (ru) wrote: Wasn't too bad. It was a simple story, but enjoyable.

Gary R (es) wrote: ok but nothing like the original.

Greg W (ag) wrote: Bale is the fuel that makes this actioner go

Brandon S (es) wrote: "Liar Liar" is among my absolute favorite comedies of all time.

Ryan S (br) wrote: This is by far one of my favorite movies I've seen. I thought it was better than 300.

Russell S (de) wrote: An excellent, intriguing twist on the time travel theme. Focused and efficient storytelling with enough to tease the mind whilst being thoroughly entertaining at the same time. Very re-watchable.

Jack G (ag) wrote: great movie experience with the Red Hot Chile Peppers!