Fausto 5.0

Fausto 5.0

On his way to a medical convention, Dr Fausto runs into a man who claims the Doctor removed his stomach eight years ago in a surgical operation. Against all odds, he is still alive. The man turns up repeatedly and promises Fausto to make all his wishes come true. Reality starts dissolving and Fausto begins to lose control

On his way to a medical convention, Dr Fausto runs into a man who claims the Doctor removed his stomach eight years ago in a surgical operation. Against all odds, he is still alive. The man... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Neal B (ru) wrote: Teri Meri Kahani "just A Kahani"I decided to watch Kunal Kohli's Teri Meri Kahani before the other releases even though I didn't really like his previous 2 releases because I thought that it would be a light hearted romantic comedy and it was actually that.Teri Meri Kahani , based on Taiwanese hit Three Times, was a rom-com love story that could have been crafted better but unfortunately was mowed down by weak direction and poor script."Hum Tum" was a fantastic film. Kunal Kohli had done a brilliant job writing and directing it. Unfortunately apart from that, none of his other films have been particularly impressive in comparison. "Teri Meri Kahani" isn't very different from those films. Using pointless subplots (song and dance in the jail comes to mind) to reach the melodramatic scenes made it seem like he had run out of ideas. And that's where even the best era of the three fell apart. You can't take the viewers for a ride over a completely ridiculous premise.So , overall , a golden opportunity gone wasted . Rather than concentrating on technical aspects of the film , Kunal Kohli should have made sincere efforts in the direction and screenplay area. But if you are big fan of Shahid Kapoor , you might give it a chance. Below average : 1.5 / 5

Michael J (it) wrote: Unsettling, persistently ambiguous, intense. Thoughtful science fiction.

Christopher H (ca) wrote: The voice acting is fantastic, but the film simply goes for over-the-top, offensive material without trying to mke it funny this time around.

Paul S (ag) wrote: a good documentary which as some moving and funny moments

Joel A (br) wrote: A concerning look into torture & methods of the US Military towards POW's during the Afghanistan Tour after September 11 2001.It's incredible not only what happened to POW's but also the orders of tactics to treat prisoners from the White House itself & Colin Powell.I personally remembered the horrible photos that where coming out on the press during 2001-2002 & wondered why it happened so this documentary gives closure.

Greg P (fr) wrote: I refuse to give this propaganda piece of excrement ANY stars. Purporting to be an expose about the rating practices of the MPAA, it is little more than a polemic on maximum sexual freedom (the film is stuffed FULL of explicit clips from films, including depicting disgusting perversions like lovers urinating and defecating on one another). The producer's thesis is that the MPAA are "prudes" censoring smut scenes from films by threatening their rating as the dreaded "NC-17" (the modern equivalent to XXX). At the same time they call for the most restrictive rating possible for ANY depiction of violence, regardless of degree or cause. Apparently, children should not be exposed to the idea that one should fight (and die if need be) for one's country, but urinating and defecating on a lover is something that's just peachy-keen dandy for them to learn all about.Save your time and money. Ignore this so-called "documentary".

Ana V (jp) wrote: I hope this does not beat the original

victor l (mx) wrote: It's an intelligent light comedy, despite it's a little slow. Bruno Ganz' romantic speech at the end of the movie was charming and incredible.

Lee M (it) wrote: The observations of this social/economic/urban environment are canny and spiced with irony. But while the film burns, it never really harnesses to full effect the energetic cast.

Richard B (us) wrote: I obviously was dissappointed in this film. I loved the first two so much and this was such a let down. I watched it because I was bored and had watched the first 2 films a while back. It is cool that they got the whole cast back for this one, but the new characters, the plot, and the ending were just plain bad. That being said, the fact that its the final part of the Scream Triogoly and the fact that I care about the characters so much, makes me like it way more then I should. Also please don't make another sequel (I'd have to watch it), its fine how it ended.

ToyahKate M (es) wrote: Love this film, never get bored of it!!!

Umy B (de) wrote: This could arguably be the first corss-genre zombie movie. What a fun laid back view experience.

Orlok W (br) wrote: Okay, so it's a fantasy. Maybe this was one of the first movies of the Indiana Jones or Die Hard variety where the hero surmounts insurmountable odds... Action-packed, high paced escapism--The Anti-Nazi Propaganda Machine Continues... Humor, persecution and adventure!!

Tristan P (br) wrote: Without a doubt, the WORST DRACULA MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! (Although Gerard Butler in DRACULA 2000 remains the worst Dracula performance ever) I'm tempted to say "Worst Dracula movie EVER!", because although I haven't yet seen every Dracula movie, I can't imagine one worse than this. Poor David Suchet...

Johnson C (au) wrote: The plot is no ground if Nic "consider" one more layer....

Robert B (gb) wrote: Once is a film I do not have the heart to downrate because at least the male lead is making an effort. But overall, it comes off as amateur and I am not feeling the vibe of the film. The scenario is like Lost in Translation but there is no chemistry and if there is no chemistry, what does it matter what happens? Still, it is an OK film, short, and not difficult to get through.

Dsire S (us) wrote: Wunderschne Landschaften, Tom hanks ist klasse und lustig. Aber ansonsten ist der Film ne Zeitverschwendung.