Favourites of the Moon

Favourites of the Moon

The story revolves around two objects, a rare set of 18th-century Limoges china, and a 19th century aristocratic portrait. As these items are passed, sold, or stolen from one character to another, a giddy round dance of excess begins to take shape, one which suggests that if history doesn't repeat itself, it certainly rhymes. Together with co-writer Gérard Brach, whose other co-writing credits include Repulsion and Tess, Otar Iosseliani uses a feather-light touch to expose the futility of class and social order, making a bagatelle of the concerns of rich and poor alike.

Awarded the Special Jury Prize at the 41st Venice International Film Festival, this absurdist comedy, with its sprawling cast of crooks, thieves, anarchists, prostitutes, chief inspectors, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt P (es) wrote: No, is all I have to say about this tedious string of exposition.

Melvin W (ru) wrote: Happy People: A Year in the Taiga is another amazing documentary from Werner Herzog. He always chooses very human stories and Happy People is no different. This is about as pure human as you can get anymore. We see people living in the Siberian Taiga, who have no running water, no electricity, no stores, no cars, nothing, but what they make and what they kill. They live off the land. Along the way we meet trappers, boat makers, fishermen, hunters, and a WWII hero. Most aren't given a lot of screen time, as we mostly follow one trapper. I like that we're given a lot of time with one person because it allows us to see someone in every aspect of their life in the Taiga, but also because the trapper who has all the screen time is extremely interesting.Happy People is a film that everyone should watch. It's about people who are truly free, which is a theme nailed home by Herzog's narration many times. The people of the Taiga aren't confined to the types of lives we lead. There's no law, there's no telephones, no computers; nothing but the people themselves and what they create. This is one of those movies that just makes you want to get out of the consumerist, wasteful society we live in.

Maria M (fr) wrote: Like other ala-throwback movies, I can't remember much from this so I really enjoy seeing it again on TV. Ta Leoni was hot back then. Trevor Morgan has grown since then.

Deray A (mx) wrote: kieslowski'nin dekalog serisinin 5. filmi. Toplumdan son derece kopuk bir hayat s 1/4ren Jacek, insanlarla iletiim kurmakta zorlanan bir insandr. Bir g 1/4n bindii bir taksinin ofr 1/4n 1/4 ld 1/4r 1/4r ve yakalanarak mahkemeye kartlr.Gr 1/4n 1/4te, cinayeti tamamen sebepsiz yere ilemitir. Lehine olabilecek de tek bir delil dahi yoktur. Avukatlk belgesini yeni kazanm idealist avukat Piotr, b 1/4t 1/4n bu alehte durumlara ramen Jacek'in savunmasn 1/4stlenir. dealizm mi gerekler mi galip gelecektir? T 1/4m yaananlar sonucunda, 'soukkanl bir ekilde idam emri veren sistemin de, sradan katillerden bir fark var m?' sorusu t 1/4m arl ile ortada durmaktadr.Polonya'nn ve d 1/4nya sinema tarihinin en usta sinemaclarndan olan Krzysztof Kieslowski'nin en unutulmaz filmlerinden olan A Short Film About Killing, ak 1/4zerine olan almas A Short Film About Love ile arka arkaya ekildi. On Emir'den hareketle yola kt on ksa filminden ikisini bu ekilde uzun metrajl olarak filmletiren ynetmen, bu filmi ile sadece l 1/4m 1/4 deil, toplumsal deerleri de sorguluyor.

Steve S (kr) wrote: Not a bad movie but could've been WAY better. Still worth a watch.

Barney o (au) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: This is the bond that started all the cliches we know today, and lets be honest, it's great to see the vodka-martinis and the stylish name phrases all come into existence. In fact, this is a film all about style, with Hamilton upping the stakes and the spectacle to make for one hell of an exciting ride. Connery doesn't compromise on his class though, and as result this is still a very engaging and enjoyable adventure indeed.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: The action and spectacle does arguably exist at the expense of a more delicate balance between character exploration, compared to it's albeit less famous predecessorsVERDICT: 'Goldfinger' is a classic that will have you on the edge of your seat. Bond was born here, but it's beginnings lie in slightly more sophisticated territory.