FBI Code 98

FBI Code 98

A bomb is discovered in the luggage of a businessman traveling aboard a plane.

A bomb is discovered in the luggage of a businessman traveling aboard a plane. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Estefana P (ag) wrote: "Their love is as real as their future is shaky. And that's the film's great tragedy."

Tina A (au) wrote: This one made me think about my own life and what I would do in that situation and for that reason I give it 3.5 stars.

Sondre L (us) wrote: Jeg liker stemningen i filmen.. Men alts.. Skrekk? No way, hos! Alt i alt lite skrekkaktige ting, lite brutalitet.. Mest snakking egentlig. Mystery, hm. Grei snn visuelt sett, men jeg skjnte ikke s mye nr endcreditsa rulla.

Andy T (us) wrote: Great performances from everyone. Excellent movie!

Tessa R (fr) wrote: why did i just now see this?!! it was pretty great

Steve D (fr) wrote: best teen romantic comedy of my generation. I have seen better movies, but not geared towards teens.

Matt J (ag) wrote: Post apocalyptic Sheffield filmmaking at its best...

Rob M (jp) wrote: Has some slow parts but overall a good movie of a woman breaking away from her upbringing to be true to herself.

Sam L (de) wrote: One of the most off beat movies of English humor and well worth seeing

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Jaime R (de) wrote: A grand masterpiece. The length is not a bother anymore once you see it is a truly great film.

Dan M (fr) wrote: I vaguely remember the original MK back in the 90's, but what I don't remember is it being this incredibly corny with such horrible effects. This looked more like a cheap college production, and why make a Mortal Kombat movie if it's not going to have any blood or gore? I mean seriously.. this is a movie well worthy of MST3K treatment, I couldn't stomach this the whole way through. Tap out.

Addison K (au) wrote: Don't agree with any of the critics. This was a great and fun film to watch. As entertaining as it gets. No not the most incredible writing ever or most in depth character development but who cares? I had a great time and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Love this movie for what it is!!!

David S (it) wrote: Strangely adapted from a play caled The Lovers. Could two titles be more oposite? It is a really neat premise. Impossible love between Lord and peasant girl. Unfortunately the love story seems to be missing.