FBI: Frikis buscan incordiar

FBI: Frikis buscan incordiar

The police are on the trail of the band of Cardenas. He and his cronies engaged annoy geeks city, making all kinds of atrocities. The police will not let them get away with it, but perhaps it's too late ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:acronym in title,  

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(de) wrote: That Chuck guy was a bastard (pardon my language), and sorry for Linda having had to go through all those shitty things because of him (well, why did she even choose to go out and marry him at the first place heh?!) but glad she finally walked out of the darkness, and later became a well-known spokesperson for sexual freedom and uninhibited hedonism. Oh, the film I watched earlier on telly was probably a cut version, so many bits were missing. D'oh!

Adrian W (ca) wrote: Good movie, not as bad as I thought it would be

Koh M (mx) wrote: my only experience to kiyoshi kurosawa films was charisma, which made me lose interest in any of his other films. but this one's just wow, i liked it from the start. films like these are the ones that would challenge your views on society and its by-products. the story of a dysfunctional family is typically dark and disturbing, but here kurosawa brilliantly threw in some subtle jokes and still managed to avoid being too campy like miike's over-the-top katakuris. and i couldn't picture a more powerful ending than kenji performing claire de lune. this is a masterpiece.

Melvin W (fr) wrote: Miranda: You don't take anything seriously do you? You think the world is just here for your amusement!"We're all searching for something..."It took awhile for King of California to completely win me over, but in the end, it did. Mostly due to it's leads, Michael Douglas and Evan Rachel Wood. Both are really good in this father-daughter dramedy. I won't say that this is necessarily a great movie, but it is a rather good one. It seems to be missing something that would really take it over the top, but it survives never the less.Miranda is a 16 year old who has been living on her own for awhile. The reason? Her father, Charlie, has been in a mental institution. Well, he gets out, and it doesn't take long to see that he still seems crazy. He begins telling Miranda of buried treasure that's buried somewhere below the city. He has researched it all in the institution. Miranda has a tough time deciding whether to encourage him or tell him he is crazy, but along the hunt, the two begin to connect.I really liked the idea for the movie and Michael Douglas was the perfect choice for Charlie. He looks the part, with a thick, scraggly beard. Plus you know that Michael Douglas is going to play his character perfectly. Evan Rachel Wood nearly matches Douglas with her performance as the crazy guys daughter. She's really likable and you can always feel for what her character has and is going through.King of California is definitely worth a look. It's a brisk and somewhat emotionally moving film. It's quirky, but not too quirky to where it would be off-putting. The dramedy can be a challenging task, but in this case it worked well.

Keith M (ca) wrote: anyone who hasn't seen this should,drew fuller is an awesome actor

John20 L (mx) wrote: More like Shark Shit!

Marvin T (it) wrote: Don't listen to the critics. It's over the top and very funny. You obviously don't watch it for the plot. You watch it for the EPIC LOLS!!

Lisa K (nl) wrote: Very good!! Helena is wonderful.

Pasha A (ru) wrote: I like the film atmosphere and also the plot.I love these dialogues: "Andrew Wyke: A great branch broke off a big tree and - flew through the air, through the skylight - as you can see. Act of God.Detective Inspector Black: Had it in for you, did he?Andrew Wyke: Who?Detective Inspector Black: God.Andrew Wyke: Oh, yes, he's always been a vicious bastard.Andrew Wyke: You know what God's trouble is?Detective Inspector Black: What?Andrew Wyke: He has no father. He has no family roots. He's rootless. Nowhere to hang his hat, poor bugger. I pity him. "

Michael D (it) wrote: Educational and pretty.

Adam L D (de) wrote: A wondefrul trip during the depressed 1930's with con man Moses Pray and his new willing and much better Con lady, 10 year old Addie, with beautiful black and white photography and witty dialoge this classic moves with a quick and smart pace with lots of fun and a funny part by the late Madeline Kahn, A pure gem. A must to watch just for for the soundtrack full of classic Cole Porter and other jazz beauties.

Greg W (it) wrote: very good period piece crime mystery