A medical student--broke, hungry and desperate for money--is hired to murder a loan shark. After the killing he is tormented by guilt over what he's done. A detective, who knows the student...

. . A detective, who knows the student. After the killing he is tormented by guilt over what he's done. A medical student--broke, hungry and desperate for money--is hired to murder a loan shark

Fear is the best new movie of Alexa. This movie was introduced in 1946. There are many actors in this movie torrents, for example Peter Cookson, Warren William, Anne Gwynne, Francis Pierlot, Nestor Paiva, James Cardwell, Almira Sessions, William Moss, Harry Clay, Johnny Strong, Ernie Adams, Charles Calvert. The kind of movie are Mystery. This movie was rated by 5.6 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie torrents. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends

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Users reviews

Aaron G (fr)

This movie feels like it did a line of cocaine before I hit PLAY, and I'm glad it did

Andy P (mx)

Functions as a smart and thrilling urban thriller, and a dark, nuanced drama about the lives and exploitation of illegal immigrants in the UK, with a pair of fantastic performances from Chiwetel Ejiofor and Audrey Tautou in her English language debut, proving as capable in a serious role as in endearingly quirky ones (such as she played in Amelie)

Brandon W (jp)

The movie made me felt very happy and I'm glad that I watched it as Joyeux Noel is one of the best war films that I've seen in years, and also one of the best Christmas movies that I've actually seen. There are some beautiful and memorable moments in it, and the movie did a great job of giving some screen-time with the soldiers. It sets up the truce fairly well, and it makes you care about the soldiers from all the sides. The soundtrack is beautiful to listen to, and it gives in for some sentimental moments that are emotionally well done. The movie shows the humanity in it which makes it feel very human, seeing that the soldiers from both sides are not that different from each other then they thought. The acting is really good, and the writing is very well written. The story is really good and it makes me surprised that the stuff they did during the truce were still based on a true story. The film is based on a historical event in WW1 where the soldiers actually make a truce to each other for Christmas Day. I wished that I found it before Christmas because Joyeux Noel could've been a great end to Christmas of 2015, but I guess it's better late then never. Recently I actually found the film in the library and I got very excited to see it. The thing is however, I haven't got the chance to see it for years. When I saw a Nostalgia Critic video, he brought up Joyeux Noel which got me very curious to see it

Bruno V (fr)

Liked the idea of the story , best of this week SOMDVD

Dan S (ag)

The slow pace and character development couldnt be opposite to Welcome To The Punch, the directors second film after this, and the dynamic between Daniel Mays and Riz Ahmed is really strong. Understated urban drama, like Zebra Crossings it's subtlety gives Noel Clarke and Ben Drew a run for they're money

David R (de)

It's good but to stretched out and a bad story

Gabriel K (gb)

The narrative is uneven at times as it's complex enough for an inexperience director to pull off, but he manages to keep it on track, and while the acting is uneven as well, especially from unknown supporting cast, it doesn't stop it from being an engaging movie. I liked the deliberate pace of the movie, and how the director lets the story unfold without gimmicks or over the top drama. An slow-moving indie drama that starts off as a typical small-town crime story but quickly becomes more complex

Georgina F (mx)


Jeffry E (ru)

SUCKED. I ain't into any unibrow having girls. However she best have waxed otherwise this is going back down to zero stars. The only thing going for this movie (and hence why it got half a star) is the moderately decent looking Brazilian girl. I am being forced to watch this right now

Kristin W (fr)

I hear this movie is fabolous, so i want to see it!