A 16 year old girl takes up with a charming young man who quickly shows his colors when he beats a friend simply for walking with her and then goes totally ballistic after she tries to break up with him.

It's a attractive film with surprise. A love story starts when Nicole meets David, who is handsome, charming, affectionate. She falls in love with him. It seems perfect, but soon she sees that David has a darker side. And their dream into a nightmare, and her love into fear. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fear torrent reviews

Corrado G (es) wrote: Saw this film a while back... A well made super-low budget zombie semi-comedy from Australia. It's a character driven story, the first half hour is not too action packed. But it does pick up and it delivers a decent story. Locations are great and it's an easy watch, for zombie fans and everyone else.

Cameron H (gb) wrote: Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis), a rags-to-riches oil miner whose psychopathic tendencies bound him not on what he is willing to do to get the upper hand in a relationship with another person, will live down as one of the most terrifyingly glamourized characters in movie/TV history, right up there with Travis Bickle and Walter White. And similar to Taxi Driver and Breaking Bad, director-writer Paul Thomas Anderson introduces the character as just another person who cares deeply about what he loves. Overtime, we dig deeper into their motivations, their relationship with the world, and discover a frightening, despicable person that we had first tried to love or admire. Plainview is a hero to the working class, starting from nothing and working his way to the top of the food chain. We want to root for him, because he represents everything we dream of becoming. Then we see how he handles his personal affairs, feigning compassion when it is means to the ends -- more money / power. Even in moments where it seems like he redeems himself for his selfish ways, there are signs of deceit, resentment, full-fledged disgust towards anything to do with other people. And again, much like Taxi Driver and Breaking Bad, P.T. Anderson does an excellent job in coordinating cinematography, lights, sound (good grief, does Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood know how to use an orchestra for crawling under your skin without indulging in full atonality), costumes, and makeup (the use of oil and mud to dehumanize characters in scenes is one of the film's greatest strokes of genius), all for the purpose of seeing the world through the eyes of Daniel Plainview. An additional round of applause for Paul Dano as Eli Sunday, a small-town church priest who bears little mercy for the sinners, but enough such that everyone has the chance to be saved. Day-Lewis and Dano each commit to characters whose beliefs are near polar opposite, yet have unnervingly similar psychopathic tendencies. Point being, there are no heroes in There Will Be Blood. Only people whose voices shout the loudest.

Underrated Movie R (fr) wrote: It's not bad, ok yes it is, but it's not the WORST thing I've ever seen but it is however ONE of the worst.

Brendan P (nl) wrote: One of those money and power are evil if you don't know what to do with them. Only instead of wall street this movie uses the more mordern dot com internet world as the setting. John Light is John Elias a buisiness student with a breakthrough idea but no money. Jeffery Donovan (now on the excellent new TV series "Burn Notice") is a classmate who can make the connactions needed to get John's idea off the ground. Basically once the business starts John's life begins a downward spiral. The whole corporations are bad theme is tired and the lead isn't really likable from the start. It is funny to see Hal Holbrook, who's almost 80 years old, randomly punch a guy out. Good cast, bad film.

Nathan F (it) wrote: It seems to be a film about Czech fears about foreigners/immigrants. Unfortunately, none of the foreigners have even a speaking role in this film, so the film is missing something critical. The humour somehow seems to be lost in cultural translation.

Topher A (es) wrote: Maybe eventually...but not in the near future will I see this.

Amy J (ca) wrote: Buttafuoco... wot a name

Craig C (fr) wrote: Sam Peckinpah's Watership Down. Giant mutant rabbits terrorize a desert town in slow motion to Brian Eno riffs as DeForrest Kelley, Janet Leigh and Rory Calhoun pay some bills. Special kudos to the guy that pitched this to the studio execs and kept a straight face. Lepus is Greek for Wabbits!

Ely C (de) wrote: Excellent film!! C'est certain que les livres taient meilleurs, mais quand mme!

Jacob G (it) wrote: Not bad, but not good. Just mediocre. Whatever good fun there is to be had is destroyed by a weak story, and lame attempts at humor. Such as the dr evil romance scene, and Austin drinking FB's feces. Why some say this is the best Austin Powers, I do not know.