Fear in the Night

Fear in the Night

It took Penny Heller a long time to recover from the trauma of a brutal physical assault, suffered in her youth. When she married Robert, he provided her with the love and reassurance she craved for and the two settled down in a pretty house in the grounds of the public school where Robert was a master. But the headmaster of the school is not what he seems and Penny is convinced he means to harm her - is her fear a figment of her tortured imagination or are there forces at work that intend to manipulate her anxieties with fatal consequences?

A young woman recovering from a nervous breakdown moves with her husband to a boys' school, but finds herself being terrorized by a mysterious one-armed man - and nobody believes her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve C (de) wrote: What a boring mess. What story is Beatty trying to tell and why is it burdened with so many subplots and sub-subplots? This film is all dressed up and can't move under its own weight.

Rafael A (br) wrote: apparantly its not showing in Sac or Fresno! lol

Christopher B (nl) wrote: One of the first comedies to truly revel in bad taste. Prepare to laugh at rape, incest, hippies, defecation and attempted murder. Segal plays the ultimate broken man and Gordon is amazing as his whacked out momma. If this film were released today I'm certain it would destroy careers rather than create them. Sad.

Ric A (br) wrote: Smashed is an intimate look on a relationship that goes downward spiral because of bad life choices. Although Winstead's acting sometimes becomes too good to be true, it is overshadowed by the film's tight emotional core.

RAVA M (gb) wrote: Awesome Italy. Great story of intrigue

Troy U (us) wrote: This is a very good movie. While I'm not a fan of movies shot in other countries, the film quality of this one was impressive. The writing was solid as was the acting. It definitely wasn't one of your run of the mill Van Damme movies to be certain. I've been a fan of Van Damme for a LONG time but haven't liked anything he's been in (with the exception of the Expendables 2) in years. This was a pleasant surprise.

Russell S (kr) wrote: Some may complain at the number of subplots in this movie but the bottom line is that everything hangs together very well and the movie looks spectacular. Spider Man is even more his wisecracking self this time and the relationships feel honest and true.Underrated by many, this is a very, very entertaining movie.

Simonti M (fr) wrote: this is a cmpltly avg n very predictable muvee....deepika padukone is bad...over acting n over reactn at every situation..n i hate the strylyn as well...imran k's character in the movie is tptally unreal..such noble n persistent boyfrenz are very hard to fynd...i wud recomnd it only if yu hav decent company wid yu..otherwise itz boring..

Karen N (br) wrote: Been to her concert, read her book... love this whole documentary.

Isabelo C (mx) wrote: missed some of the beginning...dunno if it's the reason..a bit confused about the interaction of the "worlds"still, enjoy watching it...interesting ideatracgic story.....

Niral G (au) wrote: Ram Gopal Verma is turning random. I liked the concept of this movie, but it took too long to get there. It was not until the second half of the movie until the audience figures out the conflict. This also was not so much of a horror movie, but more like a suspense. The girl, however, acted very well. The rest of the cast was average. The message at the end was decent though as well. Overall, a very average movie. Definitely worth watching once, but once was enough.

Jared M (au) wrote: I have it, no time to watch it yet

Jenifer L (ru) wrote: JOHN CENA OMG HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gregory S (fr) wrote: A wholesome but schmaltzy movie. I still enjoy it though

Darlene M (ag) wrote: Quite a beautiful film observing two young men grow up a bit as they travel through western South America. Gael Garca Bernal has a radiant energy, perfect to play a young Che Guevara.

Roman L (ag) wrote: A masterpiece. Visually beautiful and extremely well directed. A sensual movie about a woman, obsessed with writing on her skin and skin of her lovers.

Alex W (ag) wrote: this movie was exactly what you think its going to be. Its got a few witty lines and dirty innuendo. This must be where mel brooks got the "French mistake" scene in blazing saddles. not enough can be made of astare and rogers charisma and presence. They are both clearly a notch above everyone around them. Found out this is where the classic song "cheek to cheek" comes from.

Cosme F (it) wrote: Is one of the greateast romantic-comedy of all time

Leena L (us) wrote: what a waste of time. Without Natalie Portman it would have been nothing. Now it was just annoying. Zach Braff. who on earth is he??

Kenneth S (ru) wrote: I first heard about this film in the Stephen King book DANSE MACABRE. For the next five years, I searched and searched for this film. When I finally found it and watched it, I loved it, and it has stuck with me ever since. A doctor develops some eye drops that give him x-ray vision. After a while, he begins to go crazy as he begins seeing more and more and more...