Fear Runs Silent

Fear Runs Silent

When high school science teacher, Mr.Hill, convinces his student, Kerry Johnson, and a group of her friends to go on an overnight field trip, they find themselves face to face with the darkest side of terror. Not even their worst nightmares will compare to what they encounter in the depths of the forest. Neither Mr.Hill nor sheriff could ever hope to save them from what lurks in the unknown.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   murder,   dream,  

When high school science teacher, Mr.Hill, convinces his student, Kerry Johnson, and a group of her friends to go on an overnight field trip, they find themselves face to face with the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Philip P (nl) wrote: An outstanding collection of 17 seemingly disparate stories grounded in the Australian psyche. A superb cinematic experience.

Wes S (ru) wrote: Pretty unmemorable. The generic characters, slow plot, and uninteresting thrills keep it dull and pointless.

Harsh L (ca) wrote: very nice! A must one-time watch!

Byron B (fr) wrote: This was my favorite of the Oscar nominated animated shorts. Our narrator leads us through an urban Australian wasteland of sorts with busy people in their own worlds and signs all over barking orders. Our narrator is a teen who collects bottle caps. His life changes when he sees what could be a giant metal cookie jar with portals and hatches around it through which octopus like tentacles or crustacean like claws can protrude or retract. It is a strange mix of mechanics and flesh. It acts like a lost puppy. The teen can't call it anything but a "Lost Thing." Can he find a place for this lost thing? Very creative and dreamlike as we see what happens at the teen's home, at a bureaucratic office, and when they follow a mysterious sign. The CGI had a unique textured look that I thought was really delightful.

Rosemary a (jp) wrote: I like this twist offered on the take of "The Christmas Carol". It is a refreshing change from the normal Christmas movie. It offers you a message of the importance of family without the usual archaic bore.

Keith T (ca) wrote: This one has LOADS of action and must hold the record for the number of fatal neck twists in a movie. However, this all comes at the expense of the plot. There doesn't seem to one, other than to have loads of action. Typical ITV4 movie really!

Magda W (es) wrote: the movie is incredibly pleasant to watch and all the positive energy derives from the simplicity of the plot, the clear characteristics of the main cast and for all the stunning views that the Hawkesbury River offers. Rarely do I have a chance to watch such an unpretentious piece.

Tristan P (it) wrote: Whatever your feelings are about Ron Jeremy, I can almost guarantee that if you watch this movie with an open mind, you will wind up feeling sorry for him. Whether it was intentional or not, the doc portrays him basically as a pathetic old man; lonely and somehow convinced he's on the verge of mainstream stardom. A fascinating look at one of our culture's oddest characters.

Paula P (it) wrote: If you love fast cars and out of this world beautiful women-GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Saw it just the other night and even as a girl I loved it!!!

Claudette A (ru) wrote: This is a very old film and I don't know how I came across it. Even though it's nearly 20 yrs old, it doesn't look outdated. Iron's character and his behaviour ultimately led to his son's death. Some steaming sex scenes.

Calum B (mx) wrote: Garry Marshall's "Beaches" is another examination of friendship and how it can be affected over time. This theme was expertly handled by Arthur Penn in his 1981 masterpiece "Four Friends". "Beaches" is just as powerful, but it's predictable ending prevents it from truly reaching greatness and all sorts of odds and ends stick out.But maybe it's meant to be that way. It is based on a novel, unread by me, and for all I know it could be truly faithful to the source material. But I can only judge from the film itself. And for one, I am tired of the syrupy ending that was popularized by 1970's excellent "Love Story".But despite that, Marshall has directed a very good movie here. He may be coasting lately, but "Beaches" proves he's a natural at the type of genre I like best: the serious comedy. We laugh so we may not cry. That may sound corny, but it's true and many of my favorite films are that kind of film: "10" (Blake Edwards, 1979), "The Man Who Loved Women" (Edwards, 1983), "Skin Deep" (Edwards, 1989), "The Apartment" (Billy Wilder, 1960), "The Fortune Cookie" (Wilder, 1966), "Harry and Tonto" (Paul Mazursky, 1974) and "An Unmarried Woman" (Mazursky, 1978) to name a few.The performances are first rate, especially Bette Midler, whom I'm only used to in comedies. With this film and "Stella". she proves what a truly great actress she really is. She deserved an Oscar nod for this performance. Barbara Hershey is fine as always in the kind of role she can play in her sleep.One thing that really irritates me is the term "chick flick", which implies that it's only a "women's movie" and men are not only discouraged to see one, but not allowed to even enjoy it. And people I know say that if a man enjoys a so-called "chick flick", he must be gay.Well, I am definitely heterosexual and am affirmed enough in my manhood to see and enjoy these films. Isn't it about time we just stop the bull and admit that we like these films too? Action is O.K., gore is fine for those who like that kind of thing, but I'd take an intelligent and moving comedy/drama anyday over T&A. And if other guys can't accept that, they're missing out on some good films.

Ms Amanda J (ru) wrote: The trailer is so bad and one has to wonder if that was a real tv spot back in '86 or if they slapped it together a few years ago and put it out. One female with criminally bad hair in this movie says how the killer was gonna get them "one by one." "One by one!?" cries another girl with a hammy disposition. "One by one!" I can't help but be drawn to this train wreck. It helps when there's a few characters in preppy wear that looked quite put together, making one suspect that this movie's budget was over $20.

Spencer S (de) wrote: Awsome 80's Classic. Essential for all dirt bike riders.

Bob M (jp) wrote: Man, I haven't seen this one in ages...!

Jon C (ru) wrote: I haven't seen "The One-Armed Swordsman", so I'm only rating this movie based on it by itself. An amazing action film with a great story line to accompany it. A must see!

knig b (ag) wrote: i want to see the comedy

Gabo T (de) wrote: Una buena pelicula. Un drama que podria haber sido solo eso. Pero Buuel puso muchos simbolismos en las escenas y algunos toques surrealistas que hacen del conjunto una verdadera joya. Por momentos se me hizo un poco lenta, pero fue apenas un resabio de falta de costumbre.Tristana y Don Lope son personajes muy interesantes y desarrollados en profundidad. Una pelicula recomendable de todas maneras.

Joseph S (jp) wrote: "Blind Beast" is a film about a blind sculptor who kidnaps a bondage model, so that he may perfect ??the art of touching??.This ??art?? the sculptor says comes from his belief that touching is the only medium left for the blind (smell, hearing, and taste he finds incomplete), and so hopes to create a new form of sensual sculpture designed to be touched and made from the memory of contact.The sculptor has built a studio in a large warehouse he has converted into a shrine for the human body. Decorating the walls are giant sized body parts, with sections dedicated from floor to roof, to noses, ears, eyes, lips, legs, breasts and vaginas. In the center of the studio are two even larger statues, big enough so that a full grown man could lay between a pair of breasts with room to spare. The sculptor believes that the female body holds the greatest tactile pleasures to be found in all the world. He selects the model to kidnap by groping a statue of her at a museum, and act she witnesses and claims gives her the sensation of feeling phantom hands on her, as his slide over the marble.Blind Beast is a thrilling film in parts, and though disturbing and haunting in it??s conclusion, it??s the very last stretch of the film that rings most false. There will be spoilers from here on in.At a point in the film, after the virgin sculptor decides to rape the virgin model (after the accidental death of his mother), a surprising relationship develops between the two. They lie together having sex for days on end. The sculptor realizes that physical contact is superior to art, while the model insists that touching is in fact an undiscovered art form, of which he is a pioneer. The two lay there together between the ass cheeks of a gargantuan statue and fuck til they both go blind. The lack of light in the studio causes the model??s eye sight to begin to deteriorate, but this only excites her more, believing that once she transcends the limits of sight, she will be able to perceive the world of touch with the same sense of the sublime as her new beau. If the film had ended on this ambivalent/romantic note it would have been inspired, but instead it goes on charting the couples descent into the ??insect world of contact?? that consists of (largely in narrated descriptions and minimally on screen) biting, beating, cutting, and eventual dismemberment.This is the fairly traditional conservative horror film view of sexual transgression and punishment. Why do the lover??s after only a few weeks of sex, grow bored with pleasure and move headlong into exploring the varieties of pain. The model (who narrates the film for us), is explicit in her own self-condemnation, essentially saying they deserved what they got for emptying the world of anything other than ??touch??. As a metaphor for the diminishing returns nature of sexual extremity it??s all well and good (and given that it was made in late 60??s Japan, it should be taken with a grain of contextual salt), but with it's unnatural addition of the films fascinating first half that contains some of the most inventive and psychologically poignant set-design work I??ve ever seen, and concepts that though coming from the mouth of madman, are equally interesting. The idea of an art-gallery where patrons could come into physical contact with the art is not an outright bad one. Of course, contact between patrons and communal art, would also be contact with each other (germs), and that constant touching itself might eventually disfigure the art itself (but then again such are the risks of all human contact).The final descent of the film is where everything falls apart. The pain preferences that the couple develops are usually the results of alienation, fantasies born from a lack of contact (or early traumatic contact), and I know that smacks of bullshit arm chair psycho-analyses (how can you argue against one obtuse theory with another?), but does it make any sense whatsoever that two virgins get bored with sex after only a few weeks? This is a problem I find with quite a few films that try to broadly describe ??sexuality?? (Cronenberg's "Crash" which I liked, included), they end only in extremes or clichs, both equally unsatisfying (and more often than not identical). Either sexuality is a gateway to salvation, or Pandora??s Box (usually the later), and in either scenario the details of experience are lost, sacrificed to the gods of expedient theorizing.??The insect and jellyfish like, non-verbal, non-sight world of touching?? may indeed be an opening into an abyss, but human beings have always found inventive ways of putting openings to the service of pleasure (even if, for purposes perhaps other than nature intended). Commonly sex thrives on the boarder between degradation and worship, as the John Water??s saying goes ??I??m glad I was raised Catholic, because now sex will always be dirty??. The film is polarized in it??s first and second halves, the first sensual and the second allegorical, one male and one female, Apollo and Dionysus, etc., and so busy lamenting the death of one and the rise of the other, that the crucial step back to reveal the two as oscillators (or some kind of double helix) goes ignored. To the at least two-sided dimension of the film??s subject, the movie is either ignorant of or blind to. But like I said early the time and the place of the film are neither here nor now, and it??s historical context might be worth discussing (maybe).Aside from set designs, the film also features some great use of lighting (and primarily darkness) to create tensions both horrifying and erotic. Like the sculptor I have a room covered wall to wall and across the ceiling, by my own private version of ??art??, and his zeal, obsessiveness, and ultimately navet (though his crimes are certainly sexual in the broadest sense, the sculptor is initially sincerely only interested in touching the model in so far as it will aid his work) that I could identify with. Even the giant statues as the model comments make perfect sense, from the perspective of an infant, someone who wants to feel small and safe next to an all-consuming body. The sculptor only experiences with human-contact were from his early childhood. Both characters despite their artistic occupations, are childlike and ??in the dark?? with regards to the realms of the flesh, and though their behaviors and obsessions are specific, there is something also a universal shadow cast over their journey into first-time experience.Also anyone who has never wanted to just fuck and fuck until their senses melded into those of their partner and their awareness of the outside world atrophied and fell away like the memories of an advanced Alzheimer??s patient, is probably not doing it right. This too is easy to identify with. At first ??Blind Beast?? was much more than it??s meager Asian Extreme cult-film status would have you believe, but by the end I understood why this film is largely forgotten. ??Blind Beast?? is a good ??sexploitation?? film, an inverted variant of ??Peeping Tom?? where observation is nothing, and contact is everything, but at times it flirts with greatness. Sadly the film??s center cannot hold, and things fall apart. It says nothing that hasn??t been said before, and stylistic pleasures and sophistication (and solid performances from it??s cast) notwithstanding, the movie is spoiled by it??s one dimensional final act (even as it??s metaphoric ending leaves us with haunting images). ??Blind Beast?? is like a beautiful lover, that talks too much. The pretty ones can be so dumb(sigh).

Richard C (kr) wrote: Very enjoyable war movie.