Patrons locked inside of a bar are forced to fight monsters.

Patrons locked inside of a bar are forced to fight monsters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos R (jp) wrote: Extremely dull, stupid, nonsensical, pretentious, and unintentionally hilarious. After Earth was a boring try hard mess with no redeemable qualities whatsoever.

Carlos M (it) wrote: It is appalling to see the nefarious effects of religion and the fundamentalist indoctrination of children carried out by those ignorant, delusional ministers who are so strongly committed to brainwashing them into becoming a bunch of fanatics and turning the USA into a theocracy.

Ck C (br) wrote: Almost excellent in that there was a bit slow in the beginning but toward the I realized how touching it was and it was all worth while because the slowness part actually made me understood the characters so when each of them perished I was very touched. Therefore the director did a good job in building the characters.

Brandon C (de) wrote: Chicken Little is Disney is at their worst! The movie is very very mean spirited. The animation looks hideous and nowhere near as good as other CGI animated films including Pixar.

sam c (ag) wrote: No where neat as good as the first...

Conrad T (kr) wrote: It is hard to find Nicolas Cage in any good movie any more.

James B (it) wrote: Definitely not as good as the first two. A completely different cast. It really isn't a Home Alone movie to be honest. Some mildly funny parts, but for the most part it was a snooze.

Scott W (nl) wrote: Regardless of the review Bret Fetzer gives, I'll take Roger Eberts, "Thumbs Up"

Scott C (ag) wrote: What a terrible sequel to a great film. At least they tried to do something different though.

Tio B (ag) wrote: A nightclub is beset by two violently opposed groups of poison-tongued elderly! The new manager, a Ringo Starr lookalike-soundalike, tries to control the mayhem! Comedy, violence, and tenderness abound! Corey Feldman fights karate! (Oops, wrong movie.)

Scott C (ag) wrote: Really silly and kind of fun, but a bit boring too. A mixed bag.

Bill M (br) wrote: When will Hollywood catch on that not all films with children leads have to be made for children?

Jeff H (gb) wrote: "Guns at Batasi" is an interesting film that escaped my attention at the time it came out. I was living then at a boarding school in Beirut, Lebanon. Many British and American films played in the cinemas there, and we students were permitted to go, so I saw many movies back then. It's possible that "Guns at Batasi" was not distributed in Lebanon; it's not the sort of film that was common in the large movie houses in those days before multi-screen cinemas.Richard Attenborough stars as Sgt. Major Lauderdale, commander of a regiment of mostly bored British soldiers who spend nearly all of their time partying, hanging out at their mess hall, and pretending to be real soldiers. Then the government of the fictional British colony they inhabit is overthrown in a coup d'etat. The plot raises many questions about the rights of indigenous people and the ethics of colonialism, but none of the questions is ever allowed to be answered. Perhaps that was too introspective for the early '60s.Attenborough was at his most pompous in this film (made 29 years before his turn as the flawed genius creator of"Jurassic Park"), so it was fun to watch him bloviate. I've always suspected that Sir Richard would have been insufferable in his schoolboy days and that young Richard spent a lifetime preparing for this role. He was 40 at the time it was shot.The situation depicted in the film - an indigenous people throwing off their colonialist masters - is certainly relevant today. This same story, if filmed today, would undoubtedly be more violent and less genteel on both sides of the conflict. The idea that revolutionaries would still obey the absurd demands of the outnumbered British authorities would bring mocking laughter today. So one must consider this aspect of the plot in the context of African independence movements of the time when terrorism was barely in anyone's consciousness. The feeble attempt at a romantic storyline seemed intended for the sole purpose of inserting a pretty girl into the film. Mia Farrow in her very first film role didn't get to do much, and her lover (a Private Wilkes, played by John Leyton) was vapid and dull. I wish they had abandoned this subplot unless they intended to do more with it, which was impossible in a film like this.This film is enjoyable if considered in the context of the time at which it was made and if one is an Attenborough fan. It's in black and white, which helps to give it an historical feel.

Alon G (ca) wrote: Wow Maryl Streep is amazing. Julia Robert's too. This film makes you feel so amazingly uncomfortable, it really makes you feel like you're part of this dysfunctional family.

John W (jp) wrote: There are so many things wrong with this schlockfest, it would be easier to list what works...well, maybe not.

Miguel R (mx) wrote: The Expendables is a great action movie, but only lacks an interesting idea