Feast III: The Happy Finish

Feast III: The Happy Finish

The survivors are saved by the mysterious prophet Shot Bus Gus, who seemingly has the ability to control the beasts. He leads them into the sewers as they travel to the big city. Along the way they get help from karate expert Jean-Claude Seagal and learn that the beasts originate from a place called The Hive. Armed with this knowledge, they decide to fight back and destroy the beasts.

The survivors are saved by the mysterious prophet, Short Bus Gus, who seemingly has the ability to control the beasts. He leads them into the sewers as they travel to the big city. Along ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cassidy S (es) wrote: It had its moments and it was overall a cute story, but it wasn't without its flaws. A lot of them.

Susan R (us) wrote: This movie is hilarious. Very random too. I liked the story a lot even though it was all a random! I think this movie should have categorized as lesbian romance? Anyways! Just the way of this movie was directed was really good! I had a lot of laughs from it! The narrator is basically the daughter of the family explaining about her family. "That motherf*cker! I mean your daddy" LOL!

Kyle T (gb) wrote: FROM WHERE IN THE FOWL DEPTHS OF HELL THIS SUCH AN AWFUL MOVIE MAKE ITS WAY TO FRUITION?! I went 10 minutes into this one and that was 20 minutes too long. (I spent 10 extra minutes finding the remotes to get the dvd player to work.) This is actually worse than Miss March. If you want to know more about that movie, or this for that matter, read my Miss March review. Its gonna be an exact same copy of that one if I write another one.

Justin T (nl) wrote: A bad movie but I honestly expected worse. Not a movie that takes itself seriously and Chris Klein really hams it up in this movie to make it enjoyable.

AD V (ag) wrote: Not for everyone but those who enjoy quirky, dramatic black comedy-ish films will find it to be satisfying. And Christian Slater is brilliant in his portrayal of a downtrodden company drone.

Cydnee B (kr) wrote: The half star is for Kathy Bates.

Jeremy B (au) wrote: MAKE THESE MOVIES STOP!

John S (jp) wrote: Thanks to Tim Burton's inventive direction and Johnny Depp's terrific interepetation, this new Charlie and The Chocolate Factory becomes an entertainning and enjoyable film.

Arash B (fr) wrote: Grimy, Gritty & Brutal with great perfs from Liotta & Patric, But what made this movie really interesting for me was its fantastic ending, Carnahan's great debut

Francisco L (nl) wrote: Home Alone 3 is rarely funny, but the protagonist its charismatic enough to make this movie watchable and interesting, what contrasts with the unoriginal cliched story behind it.

Emod L (au) wrote: 94%Smartly made and incredibly well-put-together.

Cole T (br) wrote: It's very dark and ominous, but it shows life as a choice. Whether you consumer your world with hate, or look for a way out. Very clever and very intense.

Jory C (ag) wrote: how did this get made

gala m (jp) wrote: this is everything i always thought an adventure movie should be.

Alexander C (nl) wrote: What in bournemouth?

Helen S (nl) wrote: Would be easy to write this off as a technical experiment in film making - 90 minutes of a man driving to Croydon whilst making a series of (hands free) phone calls in which his professional and personal life unravels. No one else appears on screen other than Tom Hardy, the camera is rarely off him and after he gets in the car he doesn't leave the driving seat, so camera angles are limited. However, a remarkably absorbing performance from Tom Hardy makes this tense emotional film well worth watching. Who knew pouring concrete could be so engrossing? Don't expect car chases, shootouts or explosions - just well-acted intelligent drama.driving

Grant H (fr) wrote: Great movie. Very suspenseful, very touching, with great performances from Nolte and Cassidy.