Feathered Cocaine

Feathered Cocaine

FEATHERED COCAINE is not a wildlife documentary. It is a documentary about the international trade of falcons. After the trade of drugs, people and weapons, smuggling falcons is ranked No 4... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Feathered Cocaine torrent reviews

Karen m (de) wrote: I may be biased, seeing as I live in Iceland, but this is one of the most amazing advertisements for coming to Iceland! Leaving aside the fact that Sigur Ros music, to me anyway, IS Iceland, then you have the beautiful way this film is shot. So many different settings, small town, abandoned factories, highlands and good old Reykjavik(where I was!!) This is the best band dvd out there.

Dimitri C (fr) wrote: There's nothing good here ! NOTHING !

Jason M (de) wrote: This is one of my fav. Tom Green movies, and hes not very freaky in this one!

Paul C (ru) wrote: Well done, moody, atmospheric horror piece. Be sure to watch the "Final Cut" version, as the shorter versions leave out significant parts of the story.

Anthony V (us) wrote: No where near as good as the book.

Brian W (us) wrote: One of my favorite movies. Incredible band and awesome music. Branford definitely steals the show. WIsh they'd stayed together a little longer.

Robert B (ca) wrote: Such an underrated, and rather unknown film, but it shouldn't be because it's great fun. Directed by Robert Zemekis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump) and produced by Steven Spielberg, it's a wonderful story of a bunch of teens who try to meet the Beatles. Great songs and lots of laughs.

Alec B (ru) wrote: It's ridiculous, but that's part of the fun. The musical numbers are great.

Elijah L (mx) wrote: Although (embarrassingly enough to admit) somewhat entertaining, Grown Ups does not qualify as a comedy film. The only thing about Grown Ups which is even remotely reminiscent of comedy is how laughably bad it is.

Justin B (mx) wrote: The way in which the narrative unfolds will either make or break the film for you. It's hard to figure out if it's brilliant or deceptively stupid. The film also lacks a truly satisfying climax and the film more or less just sort of plateaus towards the end. However, though flawed, Oculus delivers one of the most terrifying horror experiences of the decade, plunging the audience into a literal nightmare where rules don't apply and nothing is what it seems.