Fed Up!

Fed Up!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Estonian,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sugar,   exercise,   obesity,  

When a German long distance truck driver, who's suffering from a midlife crisis and slightly suicidal, leaves Germany for his last trip, he has no idea that certain uninvited companions ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Genaro C (kr) wrote: A bombastic and utterly depressing whining session, closing with one of the most appalling examples of hypocrisy I have ever seen, that promises to provide complete perspective on the career of George Lucas, but only left me embarrassed to be an admirer of Star Wars.

Darryl G (nl) wrote: In danger of being a collection of contrived sequences to create a story, but has enough heart and humour to carry it, plus a rip-roaring soundtrack helps.

Eric G (au) wrote: This movie is just bad. It's creepy, and it's bad.

Benjamin S (nl) wrote: Indie film and directoral debut of Bryan Johnson. It is a bizarre and depressing tale of a partyclown that gets "fucked over" by life and then finally takes revenge.Has its flaws (acting a little bit over the top, slight inconsistencies in the narration and the occasional awkward dialog) but it finally succeeds in telling a depressing but great story.

Colm M (es) wrote: Firstly this is not a movie about physical ailments or so called 'environmental sickness'. For those who think it is, wake up. It is a perfect movie though. I have to agree totally with reviewer rubystevens, this movie is most definitely a horror. Approach it as such and you won't be disappointed. Whats the scariest thing there is? Reality and your own fragile mind that's what. If I were to review this the way I want to I'd need to type an essay. I won't do that but I will say that this is an intelligent, insightful and unsettling movie. The director has decided on a message and delivers it with astonishing originality.and passion. Its subtle too but at the same time the message almost screams out at you by the spine chilling end scene.Its about the human mind, loneliness,depression, fragility, disaffection, self hatred and paranoia in a modern world with all its materialism and soullessness. Its also crucially about the parasites who get rich by exploiting these weakness. Its about losing your mind in a world full of people who don't care. What could be more terrifying? Julianne Moore puts in a performance which should go down in movie history as one of the finest. Now to finish, this movie has, for me, one of the most terrifying characters I've ever seen onscreen. He appears only twice in the movie from a distance and only for a short while. He's one of the patients in the retreat center and represents what it means to be completely broken. You can see him on the movie poster above. Not much right? Wait until you see him onscreen. Carol White is on the way to being just that. Which makes the final scene in the porcelain igloo scary as hell. Yes I said porcelain igloo.

Cha J (es) wrote: Somber, but not tiring. A sometimes despairing and other times forward-pressing film with enough just enough tenderness to pull you through.

Ashley H (ru) wrote: Two for the Seesaw is a poignant film. It is about a guy wandering around New York. Robert Mitchum gave an excellent performance. The script is pretty good. Robert Wise did great with directing. I liked this movie but is not one of my favorites.

Jussi M (gb) wrote: Aika hidastempoinen rytmi. Tyylitelty. Hieno kuvaus ja upeat maisemat. Se natiainen oli aivan hemmetin rsyttv. Yksi piste pois ihan vain sen takia.

Righ F (ag) wrote: Cohan is Great, also Cagney is.

John M (fr) wrote: Another winner from Buster. So this is about two competing steamboat operators. When one's son (Keaton) becomes interested in the other's daughter, conflict is just around the corner. I am so happy I took the time to start watching Buster's library; every time I watch a new movie of his, I end up having a great time, and here is no different. This is the third film of his that I have seen, and while I would say that I prefer Seven Chances and Sherlock Jr. to this, there is plenty here that is worth your while. Firstly, there's his face, which always holds your attention; if you could bottle the essence of Keaton, I swear, you would make millions. Then you have the fact that stunts were a lot rougher back in the day, and being that this is before CG, the risk is much higher, especially being that the star is doing his own stunts. When you get to the climactic storm scene where everything starts hitting the fan, it's just a non-stop laugh riot. The written lines on the title cards are really hilarious (Are any of you boys looking for a father?), and there are tons of laughs to be had. I could honestly watch Keaton for hours, and when he's on, he's on.

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