Federal Protection

Federal Protection

"Chop Chop" Frankie Carbone has made a career out of stealing cars for the mob in Chicago. An attempted assassination by a mob boss goes badly and Frankie retaliates, only to wind up in the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Federal Protection torrent reviews

thomas m (kr) wrote: lightly humorous story - of commencing then conveniently simply dissipating story thread .. easily enough forgiven

Johnny R (jp) wrote: felt like a classic horror murder mystery movie I don't know why all the negative reviews to me a good solid story and it was told great! loved it

David K (gb) wrote: I liked the first one better!

LianJie P (es) wrote: The China-India fusion is a cool and innovative approach. Love the mass dance segment in the movie and i thought Meow Meow is gorgeous.

Tara M (de) wrote: It's always nice to see a true comedy at Sundance (kind of a rarity) and this film did not disappoint. The laughs were plentiful. I appreciated that the writer did not try to transform the basic humorous premise of an inept criminal into something bigger or more meaningful as the movie carried on -- I think that's where many comedies go wrong. The joke never ran out of steam and the director kept it at a tidy 90 minutes. Well done. See this movie, especially if you're at Sundance and need some comic relief.

Michael Tony V (us) wrote: the movie fails after its interesting point of the 20 mins of josh and eckhart performances. after those 20 mins i didnt give a shit because it didnt feel like a murder mystery.

Diogo S (gb) wrote: Dos filmes mais doentios e violentos do gnero. Absurdo total...

Jason M (jp) wrote: This is the worst instalment of the Austin Powers trilogy. However, it still delivers some gags. However, the plot is somewhat disjointed and contrived. The acting is tired and the addition of Beyonc in a supporting role is especially horrible and miscast. Michael Caine's appearance cannot save this film. This franchise had certainly "jumped the shark" at this point.

bill s (kr) wrote: Sweet and clever with plenty of laugh out loud moments....one of the Farley's least known gems.

Eric A (gb) wrote: A tale of love, death, treason, and faithfulness with gorgeous Luberon as a background. The novel written by Jean Giono tells of destiny, greater than the laws of nature -- the cholera -- and those of men -- borders and quarantines. The team Rapeneau-Arbogast does justice to the nineteenth century atmosphere. Definitely a movie I'll remember.

Michael R (ca) wrote: A cheesy, campy comic book/horror schlock-fest. Swamp Thing is everything it should be.