Feeding the Masses

Feeding the Masses

A darkly satiric horror film that takes an acid look at the current state of the news media while a mysterious plague is bringing the dead back to life. A small group of news reporters and their military escort set out to tell the truth about what's happening in the world, despite the government's efforts to take control of the media.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:satire,   zombie,   pot,  

A darkly satiric horror film that takes an acid look at the current state of the news media while a mysterious plague is bringing the dead back to life. A small group of news reporters and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nigel K (ru) wrote: Sentimental tosh! However the last 5 minutes of real footage of Hope & Winter almost makes it worth watching, if only they hade made a documentary of this instead of manufacturing a schmaltzy love story.

Jordon J (mx) wrote: The result of two long years spent with the heavy metal godfather, this compelling and well-constructed documentary lures the real Ozzy out of his cartoon shell.Totally worth a watch a very well made documentary,I say SEE IT!!!

MeLany C (ru) wrote: Blood thirsty creatures with awesome sharp teeth sucking some good delicious blood Love it!!!!!!

Kevin R (ru) wrote: You brought me back to life.An Irish fisherman with a dying and wheelchair bound daughter one day catches a woman in his net. Neither the fisherman nor the woman know how she got there, and they are both shocked she isn't dead, but they're going to make life worth it now that she isn't. They encounter several challenges with the fisherman's daughter but nothing they can't overcome."She can make a wish come true."Neil Jordan, director of The Crying Game, The Miracle, The Butcher Boy, Byzantium, Michael Collins, The Brave One, High Spirits, and The Good Thief, delivers Ondine. The storyline for this picture had a great start and a lot of potential; unfortunately, it takes some awkward turns. The acting was actually pretty good and the cast includes Colin Farrell, Stephen Rea, Alicja Bachleda, Dervla Kirwan, and Tony Curran."The sea spit you out, did it?"I came across this picture a long time ago on Netflix and thought I'd give it a shot. I actually really liked the fairy tale aspect but a couple times it got weird. I think the villains could have been a little better developed, but overall it was worth a viewing."She sings to the fishes and he catches them."Grade: C+

Tiago G (fr) wrote: Anderson crafted the most complete tale of the 21th century and in the process created a masterpiece rich in every aspect of filmmaking. One might think that it revolves around oil excavations and religion nuances, but it actually delves into a characterization of ambition and the destructive paths one may walk because of it. Prime exemple of everything done right in a film, but most of all a great exemple of character development and growth which just shows the amazing script it had to work with. Definitely a film worth the time to study and examine to the core.

Cole B (ru) wrote: Rip Torn & Ben Stiller are fantastic in this slightly silly but always funny comedy flick.

Jose Luis M (ag) wrote: No entiendo por que la nominaron al Oscar , no pasa de ser una correcta pelicula sensiblona que se salva gracias a las escenas de las carreras de caballos y ala ambientacin de los aos 30 como quisiera vivir en esa dcada.

Al S (gb) wrote: A real gem of a film that's filled with humor and heart, a lot of heart. Clint Eastwood put away his tough guy image for a personal project that delivers in a wonderful way as solid entertainment. Eastwood is absolutely superb, one of best performances, its up there with Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino and Bronco Billy. Clint and his son Kyle Eastwood shine together in this warmhearted adventure. A beautiful masterpiece. Director, and star, Clint crafts a truly remarkable and magnificent movie that will shine as one of his true classics.

David H (us) wrote: Borgnine gloriously hams it up as a fire-and-brimstone Amish patriarch while Craven weaves an intriguing and occasionally frightening little film.

Private U (jp) wrote: Not Robson, Lewton or even Karloffs best but a fine film all the same. As always, the title is a little misleading but the story was truly original for its time!

Ekene O (fr) wrote: Grade: B+. Very funny.

Tommie G (nl) wrote: A comedy classic from my teenage years. I was so caught up in the hilarious male model bashing and presidential cameos that I failed to realize that this film is about him being brainwashed to murder the Prime Minister #Illuminati

Adam Malik M (nl) wrote: A disappointing sequel to a beloved movie. The focus shift from realistic sword fights to magic & fantasy has been to the detriment of the movie. The magic bit is unbelievably cheesy and the newly-introduced characters are awful. The character that replaced Subotai is incredibly annoying.