A man is born the son of a horse with superpowers and uses them to do battle with legendary dragons.

The story’s main character is Fehérlófia, who is a man with superhuman power. He is born as the third son of a horse. He listened to old tales, mostly about the Forefather and the end of his reign, caused by evil dragons. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fehérlófia torrent reviews

Marah R (ca) wrote: As far as scary movies go, this one stands on the top shelf for its very disturbing themes and explicit scenes. Although the performances were strong and the cinematography is stunning, the directing could've been better.

Boogie B (mx) wrote: Great throwback action film! Love seeing these guys on screen, doing what they do best. Thank you all, and I believe this is the best of the Expendables trilogy.

Rony P (gb) wrote: THAT GIRL IN YELLOW BOOTS is a disturbing film, and that is the biggest compliment this film can have, with a background score that is uplifting and horrifying in equal measure, and a climax that shocks the pants out of everyone. Kalki is the anchor of the entire enterprise, with an expressive face that masks extreme vulnerability under a veneer of "happy endings" & toughness. But what makes the film more interesting is the rest of the cast, especially Prashant Prakash's performance as a helpless drug addict, Gulshan Devaiah's knockout act as Chitiappa, the Kannada gangster, and even Puja Sarup's portrayal of a cellphone-addicted massage parlour-owner.

Alberto B (ru) wrote: I fall in in love with Paz Vega... again!!!

Paul C (kr) wrote: This film was a delight to watch, but did get slow at parts. At parts you did feel a little bored, but something would come up to get your attention back for a bit. It had light humor, but it was a nice chuckle and relaxing. The cast in the film was pretty good. Luke Wilson was decent, but not his best role. Now they needed an actor to play a off the wall weird teacher who is obsessed with bigfoot. So they picked David Koechner, who at first I thought wouldn't fit, but he proved me wrong. Gretchen Mol played the main female role and she did a good job. The film is all about a teacher trying to get tenure. That in itself sounds like a boring piece of work, but luckily they did put some humor in the film. That is basically what David Koechner was for. Some scenes were a bit out of the ordinary, but it really fit with the film. This independent film didn't rely on anything crazy like special effects. Just nice dialog and a decent cast. This would be one of those nice Sunday afternoon movies to watch.

Tyson P (ca) wrote: i dont recall laughing once and the sexy cougars dont even show any skin. maybe this would spark a laugfh or two if you watched it with some buddies....if you are looking for a raunchy sex comedy then watch deep in the valley instead.

Carlos M (au) wrote: The emperor has no clothes, and I can't see any point in trying to look for a purpose in this infuriating and self-indulgent experiment that finds itself much more original and inventive than it is but has the same effect of random images of just about anything on a blank screen.

Christy G (nl) wrote: Megan should LOVE this!!

MaryBeth M (au) wrote: this is where javi's name came from so i want to see it!!!

Russ B (ca) wrote: 3/24/2016: Not a great or really funny, but I still liked this movie. It had an excellent cast and I liked the story.

Anna B (mx) wrote: I enjoyed the first half beyond my expectations (Italian cinema's conventions can grate on me at times), but Tornatore can't settle for "Watching movies in the old days was a fun communal experience," he has to add (and underline, and circle, over and over) "and modern society is shit." Which is a big groaner for me, and started to weigh the movie down, along with the romance and the teenage lead, both as insipid as those things can get. The little kid might have been an outrageous mug, but at least he was fun to watch.

Sweet P (mx) wrote: VERY, VERY FUNNY MOVIE

Dax D (ag) wrote: A godly final act doesn't make up for an overall dull film.

Tim K (au) wrote: Moore was aging and it showed in Octopussy. Some of the action was good but there was just no real flow for this one. By this time Moore was making Bond seem like a comedian on stage.