Fei long zhan

Fei long zhan

An evil gang of martial artists fight for a healing elixir against a specialist that fights with boomerang blades - the Dragon Missiles!

Lo Lieh stars as Sima Jun, a killer working for a corrupt lord whose orders are followed without question or hesitation. When the lord (Ku Feng) suffers from a life-threatening boil on his back, he is told by the Imperial doctor that an herb called "Longevity Rattan" offers the only cure and is grown in a remote village by an herbalist named Tan. Lo is sent on a mission to get the herb and bring it back before it's too late (seven days). A jealous aide saddles Lo with six other fighters to accompany him, i.e. steal the herb when they get the chance and race back to the capital so the aide will get the credit. Lo doesn't trust the six and none of them trust each other. At one point, one of the six nearly botches the whole mission. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spermian J (jp) wrote: The allegations of pedophilia levied against Enoch derailed the focus of the entire film. From that point onward it meanders towards a resolution that feels perfunctory.

Jim B (br) wrote: As I admire greatly the work of Peter Mullan, I went out of my way to find this film in its limited run in the states. Peter Mullan, as he does with all his work, again layers this performance with so many wonderful, complex and interesting moments, it becomes impossible to look away. I also found myself extremely appreciative of Paddy Considine's mesmerizing dark script and perfectly nuanced direction. But perhaps I am most grateful for introducing me to the work of Olivia Colman. Ms. Colman gave in Tyrannosaur, undoubtedly one of the most brilliant female performances of the year in one of the most overlooked films of 2011. Even while the dark nature of this film makes it less a candidate for multiple viewings, I found myself upon a second watch, surprised to find so much more to appreciate within Tyrannosaur. Erik Wilson cinematography is wonderful and just so very right for this story. Dan Baker and Chris Baldwin's original music was a delight and made you want more. Simon Rogers's production design and Andrew Ranner's art direction immersed you in this too somber world. I can find no editor's credit, but assume it likely Paddy's as well. Yes, that was spot on also. But to sum up, while the dark and brooding nature of this film may give some viewers pause or lessen its appreciable merit, this is no less than a truly masterful little film done to perfect precision by writer/director Paddy Considine. Which excites us about his upcoming project, The Leaning. When Paddy, when?

Abby T (nl) wrote: A few laughs, typical chick flick, predictable but entertaining...

Jesus T (es) wrote: hoooorrible!!! special effects sucked huge everything!! acting was terrrrible!! DO NOT SEE THIS! [unless u wanna c a disgraceful film]

Samit K (au) wrote: I thought it was well done. Simple and straight forward college humor.

Chester K (au) wrote: This movie is interesting, and I think it is put together pretty well. There are a lot of different things that go on in this movie that eventually all ties in together and it is a pretty good thriller. Just be ready to be really confused during the first part of the movie.

Sooty M (au) wrote: They really managed to find an androgynous boy in the kid who played Ludo. He was really cute. The kilt was a hilarious compromise!

damo (ru) wrote: Only the best ever alien abduction movie ever.

Berni E (gb) wrote: Gorgeous scenery/beautiful actors. Amazing music. Hadn't seen it for years and thoroughly enjoyed it - again.

Private U (de) wrote: Probably the greatest film by the expatriate American director Joseph Losey, "Mr. Klein" combines a compelling personal mystery with historical tragedy is one of the most sophisticated looks at the Holocaust and the French Occupation.

Marcus W (jp) wrote: There isn't actually any racing until the last ten minutes and by then it's not enough to wake you back up.

Shawn W (ca) wrote: Proof that Disney actually did produce good material at one time. An orphaned cougar cub is raised by a logger and gets into trouble at the mill before he is released into a wildlife refuge as an adult and meets a female cougar.

Ross M (de) wrote: If your movie is going to intentionally look like crap, at least take the time to make it at least scary or entertaining. Paranormal Activity turned into the next big franchise after the Saw movies ended. The original ad campaign didn't do much for me so I never got around to seeing the movie until now. Needless to say, I was not impressed. Not nearly enough happens in the movie to make up for the unlikable characters and intentionally slow pace. 1 1/2 stars

Mark D (ag) wrote: Yeah, so this was totally bizarro. It reminded me of the bad kung fu movies we'd watch as kids. That was the point, I'm sure. From a plot or character perspective it's pretty bad, which is not surprising. I didn't go in expecting great writing. The fights, which are pretty much the point of a movie like this, are entertaining, but not as good as I was hoping for. Overall it was mediocre. I don't regret watching, t, though, so there's that.