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Feisbum torrent reviews

Ben B (de) wrote: The hypocrisy is thrown up on the screen in a simple yet profound way. It's a film that critisizes religion from the inside and it's all the better for it. Where it really suceeds though is in forcing you to take a deeper look at yourself. "James Journey to Jerusalem" is a smart and perfectly charming movie of wonderful performances with one great ending.

Shelbe L (de) wrote: Rocks + brooms + beer + beavers + Tim Horton coffee + Canadian bands =)

Majbritt W (us) wrote: One small error in the plot on here. Behan does not befriend a gay student but a gay sailor brilliantly played by Danny Dyer. I was surprised that this was based on Behan's own book about the Borstal expeerience. Haven't read it, so I am not sure if they have left things out in the film. Of course Borstal was a reform institution, but it didn't really come across as such a bad place to be.

Joshua G (es) wrote: My first introduction to John Cassavetes did not disappoint. I was completely blown away by this film and couldn't recommend it more highly. I see the influence he had on Almodovar and many others.

Allie P (br) wrote: Definitely worth watching!

Martin T (fr) wrote: A decent detective thriller gets elevated by its superb sewer chase ending. The inspiration for "Dragnet", which shows in the narration and the attention to police work. It's unusual how much it focuses on the police, actually, and it works both for and against the movie. Some of the stuff isn't that interesting (although I'm sure it was in 1948), on the other hand the fact that there's no half-assed attempt to explain the killer's psychology is kind of refreshing.