Buenos Aires at the outskirts of XIX century. A society rigid in patriarchal rules. A war between brothers of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. Two young and very much in love youngsters, fight for their right to be together. Obeyance and fear sets them apart along more than ten years. When they are finally reunited, will they be able to overcome the pain and tragedy that haunts them?

Film about Felicitas Guerrero de Álzaga's life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gaspar O (kr) wrote: Either Casper Van Dien is the worst actor in the history of acting, or this film was edited by the worst editor in the history of film. I'm inclined to believe it's a combination of both to one degree or another, because impossibly, some of the acting was even worse, and some was exponentially better. This is one of our very favorite genres, and my wife and I both thought it was a pile of crap. Utterly awful special effects, dialogue that reminded me of a youth church play and OMG it was so bad I can't bear to think about it further. Asylum is known for the love 'em or hate 'em type of terrible films, and I usually love 'em, but this makes even Asylum look bad. Why two stars then? Because it's a 500 MPH storm, man. Holy shit!

Rose L (ru) wrote: I hate when guys blame their dicks for their unfaithful behavior, and "Bad Johnson" satirized that so well! I completely didn?t expect how much I would enjoy this movie, but the whole time I was rooting for the romance, and laughing at the copious dick jokes. And Cam Gigandet?s performance was flawless?I may have been distracted a tad by his washboard abs tho, haha;)

Kelly H (ru) wrote: This won raves from the critics, and who are we to argue with the critics? One might think there had never been a move made about a marriage falling apart before this one. Excellent performances by all do not necessarily add up to a great movie. This is depressing and predictable right down to the unsatisfying non-ending. This viewer was raised in the upscale suburbs of the 1950's, and doesn't recall such overwrought, passionately unhappy characters as this dreary husband and wife. The 50's were a quiet, sweet time. We've all heard there was suburban angst brewing beneath the surface, but few upscale ladies self-aborted. And who knew it was so easy? Leonardo gives a brilliant, subtle, warm performance. We didn't know he had it in him. Kate is stuck in a thankless role as a shallow, selfish,woman who doesn't know how good she has it,.She is the self-pitying sort who weeps while doing dishes. There is not a shred of humor or charm in this dark film. It's framed by Kathy Bates as a gossipy real estate dealer who tells the tale, an odd device with no payoff. Her mentally ill son is invited into the chaos as a sort of idiot savant who speaks the unspeakable truth. Didn't we all have neighbors like that?

Greg W (it) wrote: off beat and kinda sucky


Felipe F (de) wrote: Funny, energetic and inspiring, Hairspray boasts perfect musical numbers, lively performances from a terrific cast and still manages to do justice to its social issues.

Patryk C (it) wrote: A compelling heist tale mixed with a bit of very sublime comedy makes Vabank a true gem in the Polish film history. Very intriguing plot, Jan Machulski as the perfect leading man, a very suspenseful atmosphere, and an ending that will make your heart race.

Adrian B (de) wrote: Absolutely stunning account of a priest (Claude Laydu) who has an assortment of problems to deal with in his life. First, he is unable to communicate with those to which he serves in the community, leaving him to become inferior to everyone he knows. Two, those in the community feel that he is inconsistent with his help and support, leading to significant contentions between the townspeople and himself. Finally, his health, of which his constant diet of wine and bread is leading to a serious deterioration in his strength, well-being, and his ability to work. He finally decides to leave to go and live with his brother, who will aid to him until he succumbs to his illness. Emotionally draining and perplexing drama that may be one of the greatest movies to involve priests. Laydu is superb as the priest that consumed in pain, loneliness, and frustration. A truly masterful work!