Felix the Cat: The Movie

Felix the Cat: The Movie

In another dimension, the villainous scientist Duke of Zill, with the help of his mechanical, geometric army, ultimately takes over the golden kingdom of Oriana, where Duke has just escaped exile! But Felix the Cat must bravely save Princess Oriana and restore order once again, from her terrible Uncle Zill and his smoke-belching mechanical troops before he can put his sinister plot into action!

In another dimension, the villainous scientist Duke of Zill, with the help of his mechanical, geometric army, takes over the Land of Oriana, prompting Felix the Cat to save its princess and restore order once again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felix the Cat: The Movie torrent reviews

a t (es) wrote: Bad acting, bad writing, and yet not entirely without charm.

Tonya V (kr) wrote: I was not impressed. The narrating was boring. The plot was pretty same old same old and the acting was not great.

Robin P (nl) wrote: This was ok because they just didn't do well with the storyline. Ving Rhames was excellent as an ex-con preacher and this had great potential but messed up with the flow and end of the movie. Great message though!

Tom M (es) wrote: Eat Pray Love is about Julia Robert's character trying to find herself but the film does remain interesting throughout its 2+ hour run time to care about her.

Kevin L (ru) wrote: A mesmerizing documentary that pulls us deep into the War on Terror

Greg N (kr) wrote: Not great but I still kinda like it. The best thing about this movie is Danny Houston who has to be the most self-amused private detective ever. I also now realize that Richard Dreyfuss has not played Dick Cheney once but twice while the man was in office. Also the movie was made so early in Bush's career that they didn't even realize Rove was the real problem child in the group and Cheney was off doing his own thing.

ramis v (ru) wrote: the only thing i am going to say here is watch this movie till the end

Jason D (gb) wrote: Circle of Iron (a concept that was developed by Bruce Lee himself but was never alive to see it come to fruition) stars Jeff Cooper as Cord the Seeker in a fictional world where fighters engage in combat to be able to go on a quest to seek and defeat Zetan (Christopher Lee, who's a bit underused in this film, especially for being 2nd billed) and obtain the mystical Book of All Knowledge. Naturally, all of those who seek the book never return, save for Cord who is eager to pass all of the trials in order to find the book. All of the trials lead him to fight off the great David Carradine, who plays a number of characters including a Monkeyman, Death, and Changsha. His best character though is a blind wise man who shows up here and there to trade guidance and laughs in some fun scenes with Cooper. This was a decent 70's Martial Arts fantasy Exploitation film, but it certainly wasn't what I was expecting, given the Death Race-sorta look to it. Still, the fights are fun, and Carradine is always a pleasure to watch. A lot of the focus is paid on him, though Cooper manages to steal the movie away at times rightfully (he is the damn lead after all!). Good film, though it concerns me greatly over how much of Lee's actual input made it to this film. It has a definite feel of catering moreso to an American audience with its abundance of Western aesthetics. I can't help but feel as though only a small morsel of Lee's ideas made it to the finished product.

James H (mx) wrote: 96% on Rotten Tomatoes? My Arse, Fuck of mate! - Proppa shit film!

Bjorn O (gb) wrote: Lite snuskigare, lite mer blod i badkaret

Lily Lung G (nl) wrote: i really like the actors in it and i thought the scenes with the battles and marines fighting were really good. and whenever "Sam Huxley" talks it was good, too. but the first 2/3 of it was surprising sappy. i got a bit tired of all the love talk... and i'm a broad!

Matt M (gb) wrote: Mr. Wong investigates the murder of a shipping magnate. The usual formulaic Monogram thriller lacking suspense or charm, but with some entertaining moments.

Johan C (mx) wrote: This one was really, good, why have no one seen it? Hey, it is really nicely done, good story, really interesting to watch, NOT a cute family movie, more exciting and scary =) Thumbs up for this one!

Jose M (gb) wrote: In life, you will have people that will laugh and say "You can't remake a classic?" The case has been mostly true throughout this generation starting Marcus Nispel's remake that launched dozens of remakes. Before that film, we had a remake of Psycho which was panned. However, this idea did not affect a young Werner Herzog's Nosferatu- the Vampyre. His vision of the 1922 classic is an incredible masterpiece. Its tone and gloomy atmosphere defines horror and the end of times as Count Dracula spread his terror and this time with no legal issues. Set in Gothic Germany, the film follows the basic plot and key characters of a Dracula film. If you have seen the original Dracula, you know what is to happen. Artistically shot and vision by Herzog, the film is pure poetry which is what imagine Herzog's films like. The film is not without its terrific performances Klaus Klinski as Count Dracula, Isabelle Adjani as Lucy Harker, Bruno Ganz as Johnathan Harker, and Walter Ladengast as Van Helsing. Klinksi's Count Dracula is a solemn heinous and evil with much disgust and creepy. His encounter with Lucy is one of my favorite.