Fellini's Intervista

Fellini's Intervista

Cinecitta, the huge movie studio outside Rome, is 50 years old and Fellini is interviewed by a Japanese TV crew about the films he has made there over the years as he begins production on ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:Italian,Japanese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surrealism,   dream,   elephant,  

Cinecitta, the huge movie studio outside Rome, is 50 years old and Fellini is interviewed by a Japanese TV crew about the films he has made there over the years as he begins production on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sachin U (ru) wrote: A blend between a homage to Indian cinema of the 70's and 80's and a contemporary bollywood movie. Aiyyaa works well if you choose to see it as a satire on everything that one know's to be Bollywood. Rani Mukherjee once again delivers a stellar performance. Its refreshing to see a comedy that makes fun of itself, not something that comes very often from bollywood. From the dysfunctional family members to the librarian obsessing on John Abraham, Aiyyaa is filled with laughs. Provided one does not take it seriously and see's it as a satire.

Chloe C (fr) wrote: A sad tale of losing one's siblings over and over again in a gory way... how heartbreaking it must have been for the wife of the general and mom of all those boys! I love the connection between siblings #4 and #5.

anonymus y (jp) wrote: Iv had the exact same life experience has the character in the movie, I was looking forward to seeing it as soon as I read about it hoping it would help me have some sort of a breakthrough to see if I could relate to it plus the fact that the method man was in it, I was a die hard wu tang fan before my unresolved grieve started so I saw the movie as been a sign from God for me, my mother passed away when I was 6 and to quote the line from the sound no one ever gave me my chance the to grieve and so you carry that pain all the way into adulthood, the way he walks in the movie like a stiff board I did the same, people would tell me my upper body doesn't move when I walk due to the huge amount of tension I always carried, a device created to keep a person away from ever feeling anything, I also attempted to visit prostitutes several times just like the mortician does but just like in the movie the experience of being with a woman is completely alien so nothing ever happens, just like him I went though year's of my life entombed, completely devoid of emotion, cold, constantly stuck in depression and always trying to get to the bottom of what's causing it all, I read Gareth Robert's quote that this is a man with absolutely no emotional tie's to anyone and I was the same, I had the exact same demeanour as the mortician, your always isolated, completely detached from people and life itself, you feel threatened by the world as soon as you leave the house and I can also relate to the eye's always shifting never been able to make eye contact, I finally got my emotional awakening 16 year's after it started just like in the movie, all those feeling's of love and emotion that had been so successfully buried at one point finally resurface and the tension always carried start's to fade away, your finally free from your tomb and you can smile again, your no longer stuck in something that's unresolved so you no longer have to spend every second of the day trying to figure it out anymore.Sorry for being a tit and posting this on a movie review Just wanted to thank's Mr. Robert's for making the movie that has helped me a lot in understanding what I went through and of course meth for staring in it.

David W (au) wrote: Features some of the worst CG sets in film history and the dullest script of all the J-horror remakes.

Charles S (es) wrote: Add a soundtrack and this movie would 4.5, but the movie drags wihout it...

Tony R (jp) wrote: stunning photography, amazing music. one of the most beautiful films ever made...

Kevin B (kr) wrote: Greatest lesbian film ever made! Watch how a supposedly repressed culture outdoes Sirk for OTT melodrama. And yet the film is all the repressions (self-imposed included) that render us so unknowable to one another. A perfect reminder of how cinema can take places we couldn't see and hear. The last line (the heroine in close up but her face turned away) is a cold, wet towel snapped against your heart.

Jim A (es) wrote: While not nearly as campy as entries from a decade later this first sequel in the Godzilla series already loses most of the grim tone and themes that made the original movie such a classic. Its rushed production is also evident and its effects impress considerably less than the movie that proceeded it. However it wins points for having human characters who are decently well developed making it not a complete bore while waiting for the monsters to show up

Maymay A (es) wrote: You can stay for the action sequences.

Keith P (au) wrote: An absolutely great movie. It is so great that it is re-watchable

Brian D (ru) wrote: Record store realness.