Three detectives become embroiled in a tense struggle after a tragic accident that leaves a child in critical condition. One is guilty of a crime, one will try to cover it up, and the other attempts to expose it. How far will these men go to disguise and unravel the truth?

An accident involving a young child sets off a chain of events that brings an Australian police officer';s world crashing down. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark W (nl) wrote: After two brilliant outings with The Guard and Calvary, all eyes were on Irish writer/director John Michael McDonagh's third feature. There's a problem though, and that problem is the same one that plagued his brother Martin when he delivered the woefully misjudged Seven Psychopaths after his successful debut, In Bruges. Martin's problem was heading straight for Hollywood while forgetting to take a coherent script with him and this film has a similar sense of deja vu. Plot: Terry Monroe (Alexander Skarsgrd) and Bob Bolao (Michael Pea) are two cops who are just as corrupt as the criminals they arrest. However, when they try and shake down a strip club owner, they stumble on an even bigger crime lord.Leaving behind the idyllic coasts of Ireland, McDonagh's third outing focuses on the sun kissed streets of L.A. where he delivers a generic buddy/cop story. He attempts to play with conventions a little by throwing in some one liners that are sure to cause offence with some minority or other but the jokes are strained and few, if any, work at all. You might think that if the humour doesn't fly then you'll find something else to grab your interest but there isn't anything. The story lacks drive and there's nothing here that we haven't seen before. In fact, most recently Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe tread the same ground with The Nice Guys with much more entertaining results. I actually felt sorry for Skarsgrd and Pea; they are two gifted actors but there's no material here to work with and, together, they simply lack chemistry. There's also no attempt, whatsoever, to craft a three dimensional villain. What we get in this respect is strictly a stereotype with Theo James' upper-class, nasty attitude and posh English accent. Some vibrancy is attempted with the introduction of Caleb Landry Jones' flamboyant strip-club owner but the only colour he injects is his bright yellow socks. It's actually hard to believe that this was the same person who wrote and directed the sublime Calvary - one of my favourite films of 2014.An absolutely pointless and messy endeavour that suffers horrendously from a lazy script In fact, to quote the film itself, "it starts and ends with the script. If you ain't got a good script, you ain't got shit". Wise words but it's just a shame that McDonagh didn't pay heed to them.Mark Walker

Jeremy R (nl) wrote: not bad.....I like Steven Seagal movies

Urvi S (jp) wrote: Highly entertaining and beautifully captured! Makes you really see the future India with eyes wide open :).

Steven L (au) wrote: This movie is very from others if have watched. More closer to reality. But still the chilling horror film I crave.

Adam T (it) wrote: The book was fairly good but the movie doesn't have the same vibe as the book. The movie seems to be overwhelmingly fast paced.

Al C (kr) wrote: A disturbing look at the decay of the Argentine bourgoisie as evidenced by family portrayed in the film.


max p (nl) wrote: im not sure how christina ricci gets such a billing in this movie shes in it for like 2 minutes

Gertrude M (kr) wrote: Sorry to see this movie has such low ratings. It's not Macbeth, but I thought it was hilarious.

Alex V (nl) wrote: Jim Jarmusch gran director...

The V (de) wrote: A childhood favorite and one of the best of the 80s. When the Hendersons are returning home from camping, they hit a bigfoot. They take it home with them as a way of getting rich and famous, but learn lessons in what matters and what is more important. Then the bigfoot gets loose and you have a bigfoot hunter searching for the bigfoot. Lots of good John Lithgow-isms here and I really liked it's message. Stands close with E.T. the most.

eduardo m (it) wrote: A must see for all graff artists!

Renata D (fr) wrote: My first asian film and really enjoy it especially the romantic songs between the main characters.

Darren H (ru) wrote: Michael Ritchie's 1969 film-on-skis distills the elitist winter sport - and sports, in general - as aesthetically-pleasing to watch but ultimately one-dimensional and shallow like the athletes that represent it. Robert Redford's not-so-nice guy who finishes first is a damning critique of a sports athlete, in a medium where high-level athletes often attain god-like status. In several innovative scenes, Ritchie places the camera on skis, literally tracking his hero's descent to earth.

Lucas M (kr) wrote: Holy Shit! God forgiven this filmmakes, they don't know that they are doing!

Mr Movie R (it) wrote: Another Shyamalan classic!