Female and the Flesh

Female and the Flesh


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:female nudity,  

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Female and the Flesh torrent reviews

Joseph S (es) wrote: Beautiful in humankind's will to live in the face of devastation, if not survive because of it.

Cort J (br) wrote: Has a neat idea but either the translation is off or the editing. Nothing makes any sense and characters appear and disappear at random

Henrique C (ca) wrote: The only thing I can say "The Muppets are back!"

Hillary D (ru) wrote: "Inside of you..." WTH!!? So weird!

Jovi J (it) wrote: Watched this classic again with the kids. I watched this originally in the movie theaters. Truly a classic and good characters for dreamworks to build on. Nice simple but elegant story plot with comedy all through out.

Rainbow I (us) wrote: I love this film from Singapore, especially because Sylvia Chang is in it. A woman has to deal with the fact that her first two sons are gay. She fears that the 3rd son is gay too. To avoid that, she tries to fix him with a girl.

Jordan R (it) wrote: Slavin's film is ineffectual in many ways, but mostly falters because of an awkward script and bland performances.

Matthew B (nl) wrote: An American priest decides to attend a school for exorcism in Italy where he meets Father Lucas Trevant. This movie was directed by the Mikael Hfstrm who bought us the 2007 film 1408 and that movie was a refreshing horror flick with some really chilling and creepy scenes, But this movie is not that scary, actually this movie was kind of boring in some parts. Anthony Hopkins was great in the movie but the movie lacks on scares and the story has been done before so many times that it is getting old.

Michael G (es) wrote: Very funny film, great spoof on American imperialism, but unduly harsh on the notion of freedom.

Dan R (mx) wrote: Watched it, and thought Elizabeth Taylor's monologue at the end was excruciating. But the idea of cannibal cabana boys was pretty novel!

Bob W (us) wrote: Young Maureen O"Hara! Intoxicated Errol Flynn! Men in tights in swashbuckling action! I read Flynn broke his ankle doing his own stunts and delayed the finish of the picture. Essential pirate genre viewing.

Benjamin D (ru) wrote: Stacy Keach nails it

Steven B (jp) wrote: I thought I was nuts!