Female Company

Female Company

A woman's company, with women of high society of a small greek town is doing everything to have sex with the first male they can find.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:104 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Greek,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   reporter,   priest,  

A woman's company, with women of high society of a small greek town is doing everything to have sex with the first male they can find. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Prithviraj P (ca) wrote: So this was considered as India's first Neo-Noir movie,right? Goes on to show how misleading the media can be sometimes(dont confuse it with the storyline,I'm just referring to the film's promotion).There's some hint of typical Vishal Bharadwaj style...whether in dialogues or the unfolding of events.But sadly even after his association, it doesnt even match up to any of his films. Arshad warsi & Nasseruddin shah both have been great in other roles,but if viewed for the sake of change in character it still isnt one of their better performances.Vidya Balan overacts as usual & the rest of the cast is just as annoying! Wake up Bollywood,make something good!

Adam F (ag) wrote: "The Roommate" is a thriller made for teenagers so it might generate some moderate thrills for its target audience... but only because there's a chance they haven't seen this story done before and done better. I bet you can guess what the entire plot of this wannabe tension generator is based solely on the title. Ok? Go! "Our heroine (Minka Kelly) is a young woman attending college, probably for the first time and one day gets a new roomie (Leighton Meester). This young woman is awesome at first, getting her out of jams, standing up for her in times of trouble, etc. Eventually, it becomes obvious that The Roommate is crazy and obsessed with her new best friend. If there's a pet it'll be killed as a warm-up to a human being getting murdered, there's going to be a pseudo lesbian aspect and ..." Well let's cut it off there shall we? We don't want to give everything away without actually seeing the movie! I can't believe my rating for this movie is two stars out of five. The thrills are mild, with a story that's stale by now, the scares are non-existent (or non-sensical, as a girl who gets stalked in the communal shower room just goes back to washing her hair after she hears something spooky going on) and the movie doesn't really have any teeth. The very idea that the new roommate would be capable of intimidating everyone she meets and that she has the ability to create so much fear in her peers that they forget all about the option of calling the police or going to a higher authority and asking for help is absolutely ludicrous. While there are a few interesting bits where the setting of a college campus is taken advantage of, it never really tries to be original and that makes it forgettable. While the performances are decent, there are many plot holes and some elements are introduced and dropped very quickly, making them feel more like padding than actual material to flesh out or develop the characters and story. Had the plot been more non-sensical or the rating been more adult (allowing for more hanky-panky and gore) this could have at least been "so bad it's good" but there isn't anything here for you if you're older than 16 and even then you would be better off catching another entry in this genre. In it's defense, I didn't hate the movie or find it offensive, I just thought it was run-of-the-mill bad. (On Dvd, October 27, 2012)

Derek L (kr) wrote: I'll have to see first!

safina G (ca) wrote: I loved it. Afterall, it was not her fault that she was born so many years before. Michelle Pheiffer was beautiful, and the story was touching until the very end. Rent it.

Alexandro O (es) wrote: Why all the fuss...well the director likes to provoke and the result still lingers with bad aftertaste of mundane dialogue and unhappy endings.

Jay L (jp) wrote: "Dont Move, Dont Whisper, Dont Even Breathe.." An absolutely splendidly thrilling action packed thriller that will have you biting your nails and catching your breath for the entire duration. Judgment Night is nonstop, fast and furious, pedal to the medal, wickedly entertaining cat and mouse game that doesnt let off the gas pedal until the very end. Director Stephen Hopkins (Blown Away, Predater 2) delivered a dark, dreary, stone cold violent urban thriller that just get better and better as the film goes on. Its the ultimate cat and mouse game, Judgment Night delivers nonstop action, brutally awesome shootouts and ferociously intense suspense throughout. Its most definately an overlooked nineties actioner, I mean this one really got my heart racing and pulse pounding. It doesnt get any better than a cat and mouse game through the dark and gritty urban backdrop of the city. Stephen Hopkins and company really nailed this one to the wall. Its a highly enjoyable, dark, gritty and violent thriller thats a great way to spend some downtime. Emilio Estevez stars alongside Cuba Gooding Jr, Jeremy Piven and Stephen Dorff and they all do a good job keeping your attention throughout. Dennis Leary gives a highly memorable and spot on performance as a maniacal gang leader, a villainous performance that was awesome to watch.

Unca C (ag) wrote: Well after leaving the bad taste behind from "Scream Bloody Murder" we now move on to "The Bell from Hell"... ...what's the deal with all these rhyming titles? Seems we have a guy who leaves the looney bin on a type of 'parole' (how prorgressive) now the guy (Renaud Verley) was apparently put there by his invalid aunt (played by the-once-decent Viveca Lindfors) in order to steal his inheritance. What does he do but go back to his old home and works as in a slaughterhouse killing cows. WARNING: Cows being killed and cut up (granted it's brief but there) :: Nothing like a little subtle foreshadowing, eh? :: Meanwhile we see a bell (presumably from Hell) being moved around the countryside. Why? I dunno. Eventually, we meet the aunt's 3 daughters. All thin and rather attractive. The flirting begins almost immediately. ::: You can see where all this is going right? ::: Later we find out he's made a wax figure of himself. Why? Dunno - don't worry that's apparently the running theme here. The other running theme - as if you couldn't guess - is sex. Innuendo abounds (mostly generated from Renaud). Plus, the movites of the guy are confusing as hell (he fakes a rape, pretends to pull his eyes out, stops a different rape, then puts on double arm cast on so a guy can help him urinate). I suppose there's a nice complex answer for all this, but I'm stumped. Oh, and did I mention that the "Frere Jacques" song gets on my nerves before the movie is even half over? The movie is drenched in atmosphere but the dubbed dialogue and sound quality makes for poor storytelling. One hopes that this movie made sense in the original Spanish, but rough editing makes me doubt that as well. The copy I got has really bad sound so I didn't know what was going on half the time. No subtitles just make it worse. The movie is generally a muddled mess to me. By the 40 minute mark, I had a headache. Never a good sign. About 2/3 of the way thru, the movie finally gets out of first gear; but by then it's too little and too late. Lindfors is utterly wasted here. The sisters provide decent eye-candy, but little else. Verley is - well just flat out irritating. I don't know if that was the intention but that's how he came off. By the way, for all the sex talk - you see very little in the way of nudity and the like. [b][i][u]Fun rating:[/u][/i][/b] 3 - based on the current copy on hand. Frankly, not my idea of spending an hour and half. Play a video game or something. This movie delivers on nothing. I guess if you're a fan of incomprehensible movies or a masochist you might get a kick out of this.[b][i][/i][/b] [b][i][u]Interest rating:[/u][/i][/b] 3 - For hardcore Eurohorror fans only. Nothing in the movie was particularly interesting enough to warrant looking for this film. I suppose that a better sounding copy will produce a different rating (as well as an 'uncut' version - but I don't deal with "what if's". [b][i][/i][/b] [b][i][u]TOTAL RATING:[/u][/i][/b] 3 [i]Trivia time: Taking irony to a new level. The director of the film, Claudio Guerin died on the last day of filming from the bell tower. Accident? Suicide? Murder? Who knows.[/i]

Marcello C (fr) wrote: lol this movie!! sucked so bad it came back to be kinda of good... kinda like a pug, so ugly it became cute

Ahmed B (de) wrote: Characters are foolish. The only reason to watch this movie is to see Chris Klein performance