Female Vampire

Female Vampire

A beautiful female vampire lures men to their doom.

A beautiful female vampire lures men to their doom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jode M (es) wrote: Even though Woody Allen and Sofia Vergara were in the movie - it was still a great flick.Vanessa Paradeis and John Turturro were really quite charming.Being a gigolo is not a bad thing.

Brian A (mx) wrote: A thought provoking glimpse into the complexities of many different relationships all rolled into one on this flick. Phenomenal acting all around and a story that was very intriguing and kept me engaged. As I have no drug usage involved in my life, I couldn't connect with that at all and I felt this movie would have been much better without it. Definitely put this movie to the front of your Netflix list of things to watch. You won't be upset you did.

Jordan V (mx) wrote: There are hints of an interesting story here, but the execution and awful CG keep it from being anything noteworthy.

Erin C (kr) wrote: Terrifying, graphic, and heartbreaking series. I was absolutely horrified to learn that this still happens, especially on U.S. soil.

Zane T (de) wrote: It seems that every rock band from the 1960s and 1970s had that one member that self-destructed. The Doors had Jim Morrison. Led Zeppelin had John Bonham. The Who had Keith Moon and the Rolling Stones had Brian Jones. Jones was one of the founding members of the Stones but he was kicked out after his substance abuse and legal problems became a problem. Jones is portrayed as a prima donna, demanding that a worker Frank Thorogood, be his gopher, cooking his meals in addition to making a fence, which he tells the worker to tear down and move, which they do, then telling them to move it back to the original spot. The problem with this movie is that it's all been seen and done before a lot better. The acting is subpar and it's somewhat laughable seeing unknowns playing young versions of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards as almost parodies. This movie takes a stance on Jones' mysterious death by saying that Thorogood killed Jones, even though Thorogood was never arrested. What's worse about the movie is that it is more about Thorogood than about Jones.

Scott W (kr) wrote: Cheesy plot but there's a little bit of excitement to be found. If you love whodunnits you could see a lot worse.

Paul H (ru) wrote: A movie built on dialogue and suspense, this is a little scene gem that will make you wonder who the "bad guy" is by the end of the film.

Lis A (ag) wrote: low budget, yes, but funny none the less. really under-appreciated.

Rahul P (fr) wrote: Sleepless in Seattle is a lovely film about love.It is sweet, funny, musical and a cute family drama!

Gary A (us) wrote: This 1974 Dirty Harry era genre, COP Buddy Comedy filmed in San Francisco, with two of my favorite actors James Caan & Alin Arkin who are two dysfunctional S.F.P.D Inspectors who nearly demolish the entire City Of San Francisco along with a clear wanton destruction of City property i.e. classic car pursuit scene that ends up with there Police Car smashing into the side of a third floor Apartment on the Embarcadero Freeway Ramp ( demolished 1990 ) and a can't miss gun scene with Freebie & Bean unloading two Guns a piece at a hitman in a Sunset Ave Bowling Alley Men's Room Stall. With a great supporting cast like Loretta ( T.V.'s M.A.S.H ) Swit, Mike Kellin Paul Koslo, Jack Kruschen and Valerie ( TV's Rhoda ) Harper plus the Title Music of Dominic Frontiere..... if you have lived in the Bay Area... it's a must see.

Paul P (es) wrote: My intro to Sam Fuller and i really can't get a hold on what i just saw. This film lacks subtly but that's on purpose, it wants to hit you over the head by being blatantly obvious. The full impact of the film would've been better felt if i saw it in 63, the racism, the nymphos and the mental institution itself would've been mind bending. It combines B grade camp with biting satire then has twists of social commentary all played out into a horror film, fantastic.

Jamie C (au) wrote: As good as it could of been, The aliens were different and it wasn't afraid to try something different by using London teens which people will love or hate.

Prattay S (de) wrote: its a classic...shane meadows is a brilliant director... after this is england this was his 2nd best in my opinion.

Dan S (fr) wrote: Though it is meant as a bit of light-hearted entertainment, it fails at it being appealing and an apparent satire by becoming unfunny, uninspired, and nowhere near as controversial as it thinks it is.

Wayne I (it) wrote: Not as entertaining as I thought it would be but it's still pretty good.