Female Werewolf

Female Werewolf

Carrie Gemmell, an office woman that initially appears to lead a dull life working at an uninspiring office job. At night, however, she has several surreal fantasies involving sex, blood, and a young woman (Cheryl Singleton) she works with at the office. "She" will occasionally wake up in strange places and is convinced that she's turning into a werewolf - something that she believes is evidenced by her teeth elongating.

The film tells the story of "She" (Carrie Gemmell), a mentally unstable office woman who believes that she is turning into a werewolf as she is lost in a fever of sexual delirium. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brett B (au) wrote: Unexpectedly a musical, but what a fantastic film! A joy from start to finish.

George C (de) wrote: Pretty Damn funny. Reminds me of 90's comedies!

Private U (br) wrote: A good movie. Not recommended to spend the weekend, but to think and reflex... yes, highly recommended.

Mark F (gb) wrote: It's not as funny as the first time I seen it in theatres, but it did have some really funny moments in it.

Roland J (jp) wrote: Another one of the big WWII productions with big-name actors in the cast. Unfortunately, this one is easily forgettable and really disappointing considering the quality of other films of its genre.

TheIan E (de) wrote: Not as good as the original but Vincent Price is excellent as always and his version of over the rainbow finishes things nicely.

Hayden K (nl) wrote: Boring and Stupid. I finally go around to watching this film after reading that it had been ranked as one of the best (and, in some cases, the best) film ever made. It was a wasted two hours and fifteen minutes. It's slow moving. Boring. Ridiculous premise. And a really stupid ending. I generally enjoy classic films, but this one is a complete waste of time. I have no idea how it is even considered a classic, let alone one of the best of all time.