Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale

A woman tries to straighten out her life, even as her past as a con-woman comes back to haunt her.

A woman tries to straighten out her life, even as her past as a con-woman comes back to haunt her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ivan x (ag) wrote: This film take the period drama and heightens the genre. What we have is a period drame with a heightened 21st centruy sensibility. The cutting is fast and like the film Bound the athmosphere is heightened. One interesting aspect is how the characters inner turmoil translates into huge font slogans across the screen. The film concerns a marriage on the verge of separation in closed 19th century Paris, all against the background of a social gathering. Huppert and Gregory give good performances. Hupperts character displays the emotiona cruelty of a women whose emotions have been bottled iup for to long. Big truths will out, infedelity especially. The film is akin to John Hustons the Dead but has none of its restraing. What ultimately both distances the audience and overwhelms them is the gimmicky stylised filmaking.

Jake M (kr) wrote: If you want to see a thought provoking, well developed, animated retelling of the classic Dr Seuss children's book, watch the cartoon from the 70s. If you want to keep your kids occupied for an hour and a half, this movie will do it.

Tyler P (br) wrote: Bon film o Sean Penn est juste normissime.

Theo R (ru) wrote: If you're a fan of these actors then you'll love this movie. Funny as Hell.

Gregory P (kr) wrote: i was alone. i was in the dark. there was a picture window behind me. i didn't know anything about this movie other than borrowing it on a friend's recommendation. at first, i was annoyed they'd given me such trash; within the first 3 minutes of the film, i found myself re-evaluating whether or not this person even knew me!.........by the end of the film, i was constantly checking the picture window behind me.........'nuff said.

Kip M (it) wrote: A dern good indie flick, combining food and crime to delicious effect.

Al S (it) wrote: A raw, intense, stylish and hard-edged thriller. It boils with tension and energy from its script, actors and the incomparable talent of its director. Director, Nicolas Winding Refn crafts a bold, compelling, twisty and slick crime story. With no experience before, Pusher is an electrifying debut of very talented and promising talent. Kim Bodnia is terrific, he plays an unlikeable character who deserves whats coming to him but you kinda wish the tables would turn another way down the course of the film. A rare fine in a independent film and a start to an interesting trilogy. A well-done piece of work shot with no money but makes it feel more real and disturbing.

Brendan H (de) wrote: if you can take the gore then this is'nt a bad film for martial arts and weapon fighting but let down by poor acting and the worsed love scene ever

Will D (au) wrote: Telling the story of Mona, a woman doomed to an early grave because of the extreme form of freedom she embraces, Varda's astonishing work is poignant from start to finish.

Daniel K (es) wrote: 2.5: Watching a Cukor picture from 1978 is pretty strange, but it is certainly fitting that it should star Katharine Hepburn. The only thing I really associate Cukor with is being able to work well with women, which shows here as always. It's an interesting story and one I've never seen done quite like this on screen before. The Welsh countryside setting is ideal, the time period is fascinating, the characters engaging, etc. My main complaint is that the story seems a bit thin and rushed. I'll take How Green Was My Valley any day of the week.

Andrew S (ca) wrote: Interesting story of Dracula. Great cinematography.