Femmes femmes

Femmes femmes

The fantasies and dreams of two over-the-hill actresses are intertwined with their realities, as the two roommates struggle to survive their day-to-day lives in the expensive and difficult world of Paris.

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Kris V (mx) wrote: Incredible semi-documentary shot illegally in the streets of Teheran, showcasing a couple of very talented people and the batshit crazy regime that they must endure. Free Iran!

David F (nl) wrote: Show this show quit some time back. Lovely show.

Love M (kr) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. It was a pretty good, street film.

Jason J (es) wrote: Exciting and tense thriller of a former agent T who's betrayed by the Korean government. T and a colleague take a subway train packed with passengers and prime it with a bomb. But they hadn't counted on maverick cop Jay who has a score to settle! Great movie.

Steve S (ru) wrote: An above average adult thriller. A little slow, but if you catch it on TV with a big bowl of ice cream, you'll have fun with it.

paul h (nl) wrote: again this site amazes me, this is a good, light hearted film, i think its a great film anyway

Marta K (nl) wrote: Truly awful. There is no reason to watch this movie. The only reason I watched it to the end was to be able to complain about it accurately.

mike p (jp) wrote: The fourth film in the Blind Dead series, Night of the Seagulls may be the best installment. Although i have never watched the third film The Ghost Galleon and Its been years since i saw the first two. I loved the premise of this one, sacrificing a female victim to the Blind dead horseman every night for seven days so they leave the towns folk alone. I love the skeletal look of the undead Templars and as always i love seeing them gallop in slow-mo on their horses. There is even a cool scene of the hero's stealing their horses and they too seem to gallop away in slow motion. One of the frustrations at watching some of these older films and truthfully alot of horror in general is what i like to refer to as frozen in terror syndrome. Sometimes its fun and then alot of times its frustrating. The Blind Dead films really milks the frozen in terror syndrome this one being the main heroine. And it is a bit frustrating. But if you can accept it than youll find this to be a very atmospheric horror film that deserves its reputation.

Matthew M (ag) wrote: A perfectly crafted documentary. No narration. No "mood" music. No history lessons except, what Gortner himself offers. Lots of great historical footage, punctuated by Gortner's interviews. The portrait of Marjoe is compelling and raw.

Grant H (de) wrote: After a few wines it was a great faugh, almost a Felini.

Matty S (ag) wrote: Depending upon your point of view, this overwrought adaptation is so bad it is good. Or, you might think it just bad. However, I do not think anyone can find flaw with Geraldine Page's performance which remains pitch-perfect and real even when the dialog seems to be demanding she eat the scenery. Sadly, the other actors do not fare as well. I found the entire film entertaining from beginning to end.

Bruce B (es) wrote: This is a very enjoyable Charlie Chan film, loaded with mystery and suspense. A killer is loose in the wax museum, but who is it. Film does a good job of making everyone a suspect. With all the mystery and suspense comes some comedy as usual, Sidney Toler does a great job with his sayings. If I was going to see one Chan movie it would be this one. Worth 3 1/2 stars

Jack G (gb) wrote: A Throw of Dice is a little known Indian silent epic from German director Franz Osten. Released in 1929 this oft- looked over gem is a near masterpiece of stunning visual beauty and scope, employing over 10,000 extras much of the film has scores of peasants and soldiers filling the entire frame with an energy and power very few films are ever able to reproduce. Despite the fact that it hasn't received much acclaim in the past it recently went through a re-release throughout numerous cities about two years ago playing to large crowds, in areas like Chicago's Grant park or London's Trafalgar Square.The film itself is a gem, it's stunning visuals helping to create a fairy tale within it's own world. It does justice to the romantic ideal of India and does so with great charm and ease. The film is loosely based on the Mahabharata and is at it's heart a love story, and a fairly good one at that. The film opens in the middle of a dangerous hunt, the two participants are two kings (Ranjit played by Charu Roy and Sohan played by Himansu Rai) who will find themselves vying for the love of the beautiful peasant girl Sunita (played by Seeta Devi). The narrative and most of the plot elements are fairly typical and are probably the most outdated aspect of the film where much of the story itself appears clich? and even at times pretty silly. However to dwell to long on these aspects of the film is to miss the point, being that the film is a visual stunner. The exotic locals, fantastic costumes and set pieces overflow the film with character. The scope of the film also cannot be understated, it really is a site to behold as the camera maneuvers it's way down to street level in a city filled to the brim with extras. These extras are essentially just local people doing it for nothing and it lends such a credibility and a certain unexplainable charm which is a part of nearly every frame of film.The film is still struggles to overcome a couple faults, one being the character of Ranjit one of the kings. He is constatntly being placed under siege by king Sohan, a rival leader pushing for control of his kingdom. During the hunt Sohan sends one of his subordinates to assassinate Ranjit, the assassin ultimately fails but succeeds in seriously injuring Ranjit. Ranjit is helped to a small hut off the hunting trail. This is where he meets Sunita and this where the core of the story launches itself from. Ranjit ends up brushing off the botched assassination attempt as a harmless mistake but throughout the film seems to consistently convince himself that Sohan is not a threat and completely dismisses evidence to the contrary, eventually he nearly loses everything to... you guessed it, a throw of dice due to his seemingly insatiable quench for gambling. Unfortunately this sort of obliviousness that Ranjit displays through the film makes him hard to root for or really care about, I mean how has a guy like this managed to stay in power for so long?Another fault of the movie is what seems to come off as a pretty unconvincing love between Ranjit and Sunita which becomes the most predominate part of the film fairly early on. The problem is that despite the film being described as an epic, it's actually less than 80 minutes long and so the building of a convincing relationship is left to the mercy of a short running time.A Throw of Dice is ultimately a good film made great through the strength of it's visuals. The composition of many shots are brilliant, the life and spectacle of the film can be tremendous at times, it's truly a great film to viewed. Despite my own personal inexperience with Indian cinema, I find it hard to imagine this not remaining a favorite from the silent era for me. Also a special note is that on the Kino released DVD of the film, which is the one I viewed, there is a fantastic score by composer Nitin Sawhney which fits the film so well. It really is one of the best aspects of the film and helps make the more romantic scene's more romantic, the excitement more exciting the film more involving.