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Hassan A (it) wrote: Two Words: Scarlett Johansson.

Marcus N (ag) wrote: " Silenced" is one of the most harrowing and saddening films I've ever witnessed on screen. It's one of those films that leaves you in shell shock of what it's depicting and it brings to screen one of the most graphic scenery I've ever watched. This saddening film that steers towards gripping you in with it's truly devastating premise and concept as a whole. It left me feeling multiple ways such as sadness, disgusted, admiration, happiness (only at certain moments) and in complete awe of what events unfolded and how they were dealt with. It's screenplay has my complete attention with it's roots coming from a based on a true story adaptation of a novel named "Dokani" written by Kong Ji-Young (published in 2009).Ranging from the lead actor to the plenty of supporting actors and actresses this film stands firmly and their presence is certainly captivating. All as a whole ranging from acting, screenplay, score, cinematography is very well rounded and completes to me personally when of the more finer movie experiences and without any regret or second guessing it's phenomenal. If you could ever find yourself having some sort of relation to anything the characters are going through I'm really thinking you could be in for a very detailed and thorough look at something so crazy that it shocked the world just not where we as people residing in the United Sates. I see the film hasn't garnered a lot of attention and it's amazing how oblivious we are to some of the most talented filmmakers in the world who have the capabilities to bring some of the richest stories to date.When i went into the film i came in completely unaware of what the movie was about itself and wasn't really sure of what i expected. What i continued to watch ended up being easily among my favorite 10 films all-time; maybe even 5. It offers one of the most surreal moment's I've ever seen in any film and would whole willingly recommend the film to any movie goer and someone who yearns to watch something as truly remarkable and eye opening as this film "Silenced".

Justin M (mx) wrote: Although packaged as an Anderson Silva Documentary, it offered no more than any other pre-fight mini documentary special on the night before the main event. In fact, it was much less and done with less excitement. 'Like Water' doesn't give viewers a real look at the life of Anderson Silva. No origin story, no fight history, etc. it's a shame too, because we are all witnessing the career of the best fighter in the world. I think he deserves much better production value.

Khrystyna C (jp) wrote: funny estonian cartoon; more interesting for kids, i guess, but still a few good laughs. + reminiscences of soviet childhood looming here and there. wonder if they were noticed by people outside former ussr-;))

Paul D (it) wrote: Fun slasher film with some great gore effects.

Jayakrishnan R (ca) wrote: 74%Saw this on 20/3/15A lot lot enjoyable due to the fine chemistry and performances of Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts and a few of the twists( generic) in the films. After all the film was true about a few of it's conspiracies, like the Oliver Stone/George W Bush ( in 2008 Stone made W about the President of USA). The film's cliches make it a bit tiresome and also it's slightly overlong.

Kieran F (de) wrote: Honestly I felt like I was watching one REALLY REALLY Long British soap opera..And everything is all over the place it's hard to keep track with what's happening. With in 30mins I was turning it off.

Ian C (es) wrote: Vintage 70's martial arts, Sonny Chiba is one nasty fuck


Amro G (mx) wrote: A chilling minor masterpiece.

Mr N (gb) wrote: By far in my opinion the worst comic book film ever made if you can even call it that! What were they thinking!? It fails on every aspect and is definitely not worth your time to watch! Two Thumbs down!

Jacob H (de) wrote: This movie opens strongly and reveals beautiful backgrounds of North America throughout. Pierce and Liam are in top form in this story about one man willing to sacrifice everything to kill his prey and the other desperate to do anything to survive. The pacing of the movie is a little all over the place - but personally this didn't interfere with my enjoyment of this film at all. The 2 main characters are strong, each with their own motivations and (versions of) history, thrown into a believable world of Post Civil War North America. This movie did not do well critically for some reason, but I enjoyed it immensely and it is one of the few roles of Pierce Brosnan that I truly liked.