Fender Bender

Fender Bender

In a small New Mexico town, a 17-year-old high school girl who just got her driver’s license gets into her first Fender Bender, innocently exchanging her personal information with an apologetic stranger. Later that stormy night, she is joined in her desolate suburban home by a couple of her school friends who try their best to make a night out of it, only to be visited by the stranger she so willingly handed all of her information to — a terrifying and bizarre serial killer who stalks the country’s endless miles of roads and streets with his old rusty car, hungrily searching for his next unsuspecting victim.

Hilary, a 17-year-old girl, gets into a fender bender shortly after attaining her driver’s license and innocently exchanges her personal information with an apologetic stranger, only to unwittingly become the next victim as the mysterious driver stalks her suburban home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jaycee C (nl) wrote: I love this movie but no one else has ever heard of it lol

Al S (es) wrote: If you really love synthesizers and want to learn the history, this doc is woefully incomplete. It doesn't even MENTION at least 2 major brands Kurzweil and Oberheim (in the first 60% of the movie anyway) and spends a huge amount of time on Robert Moog. Obviously he was THE major force but - guess where he started and learned before striking out on his own? Kurzweil!It also moves way to slowly, like they had enough material for a 1 hour show on Discovery but made a 1 hr. 42 min. movie instead.

May W (au) wrote: today i saw an adorable little indie flick called "mutual appreciation".thoroughly enjoyable film with an incredibly natural flow to it and a script that reads like it's unscripted. the film depicts perfectly the lives of young new yorkers struggling to make it-- in fact I could picture several of the characters as people right around me. justin rice gives a wonderful performance and plays some great bishop allen songs. i was actually fortunate enough to meet him a few months ago and this made me even more thrilled to watch him in this film. of course, it isn't perfect, and perhaps will not be appreciated by people unfamiliar with the new york lifestyle, but i loved it all the same.

Ramesh M (es) wrote: A not so worry-some college boy evolves into a serious army man protecting his nation. Interesting plot, great story by Farhan Akhtar. Excellent acting by Hrithik Roshan

Luke H (fr) wrote: a couple try for a baby, husband writes it as a script, wife gets hissy about it

Stuart M (nl) wrote: Pretty amazing story of how Israils special forces flew 2500 miles to Uganda to free primarily Jewish 100 hostages held at Entebbe airport. From what I've read, a fairly accuraute portrayal too.

Spencer S (es) wrote: Relationships degrade and diminish in their returns, over a long period of time. No one knows that better than married couple Meg (Duncan) and Nick (Broadbent). Married for thirty years, in debt, anchored by a druggie son, and about to begin retirement, their marriage needs a bit of work. On vacation in Paris the pair explore the city and learn from one another what it really means to love and be loved. They are both over-the-top in love with one another, and also contemptuous of each other, in a very strange portrayal of a dysfunctional relationship. They are also very adolescent in their escapades, including hitting each other, having petty fights, and running after one another in chase more than once. They become alive in the city of light, and re-learn what it is to care for another person. Bold in its execution as well as its inception, this film is not only important for its truthfulness, but playfulness.

Dailiesel M (it) wrote: Amazing crazy movie,great job for this films..