Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad

Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad

Jassi dreams of becoming an actor and making himself a hero.

An aspiring actor 'Jassi' dreams of making a movie and launching himself as a 'hero'. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rangan R (gb) wrote: Some people are so tough, because that's how they grew up!A biographical sports film directed by some Venezuelan filmmaker and actor Edgar Ramirez in the lead with De Niro in a supporting role. This is the story of a famous boxer from Panama, Roberto Duran. Takes place during the 1980s, when protest was intensified to free Panama canal from the US control. Duran was interested in boxing since he was a little and then he was helped by a local small time coach. But when his professional fight begins to take off big, he required someone who can handle him at the big stages. So that's where a former American boxer comes in and what happens between them, followed by how Duran's life turns out is what covered in the rest.Biographies are always good to watch. Sometimes it inspires, how those persons struggled to achieve something big. But this film was just okay, similar to most of the sports films. I did not dislike the story, I did not like how it was made. All I wanted was a better screenplay and it kind of failed on that part. The actors are the best thing in this. Both De Niro and Ramirez were decent, though expected big. Those 80s atmospheres were so good, but the stunt choreography was average. As based on a real person, it is a good film, though watching it for entertainment is a little disappointment. Overall, definitely worth a try.7/10

Chok S (ca) wrote: There goes another horror film featuring creepy clown! All Hallows' Eve is an anthology film where all the segment features some inventive creatures and of course, a pretty damn creepy clown but unfortunately they are all pretty dull, pointless, and aimless bunch of short flicks. The GORES here are grisly and bloody enough to keep horror fans happy as well as the creepy clown alone (probably the only thing) makes up most of the SCARES in this film. Overall, this is just another mindless horror flick that is mildly enjoyable enough to watch with a bunch of friends on Halloween party night and be forgotten the next morning after. [C]

Robyn (mx) wrote: want to see this movie made in my beautiful NZ

Blake B (jp) wrote: Probably the best low budget film ever made!

Heidi P (gb) wrote: this movie was better than I thought

David D (us) wrote: With Chris Rock as the star and writer-director of the film, along with Bernie Mac as his brother in the movie, Head of State is a film that is both funny and interesting to watch that deals with the government and what goes on during a president's election.

Kandis A (jp) wrote: A great documentary filled with info on all the in house band members who playing for all the great Motown artists. A lot of history covered in this film!!!! Great presentation!!!!

Syed A (mx) wrote: good movie....good performance by the entire cast!......

Nicki M (ru) wrote: Liked it more than I expected to. For a Woody Allen movie, this was pretty good. A lot of stars in it who were up and coming at the time like a young Natalie Portman and Natasha Lyonne (actually reminded me what a good actress she actually is). Drew Barrymore also stars, though it's not a huge role, same with Julia Roberts. I didn't even mind the singing too much, though most of it is pretty bad in all honesty. A few laughs and nice scenery. Couldn't really have asked for more here!

Nelson P (es) wrote: It's defiantly the appropriate counterpart of Taxi Driver. Most of the movie felt like Taxi Driver even though Schrader directed this one. Most of the style comes from the writing in both movies so its easy to connect them both. Willem Dafoe was beyond amazing in this movie, his performance was without a doubt the driving force of the movie. I really dont see anyone else playing his character.

bill s (fr) wrote: Same as the first but the novelty is starting to ware off.

Gabriel K (ca) wrote: Sometimes hilarious and sometimes clever, this comedy is essentially based on one joke. Admittedly it's a good one, but it doesn't really have a lasting impression. Not exactly sure why it's a cult classic, perhaps due to the subject matter being taboo back in the early '80's.

Roy C (au) wrote: Now many would think this film is about Susan Sarandon's character. While it is about her symbolically, she only has a few scenes, the longest being the integral opening scene that prepares the rest of the movie.However, the central character is Joe. So what about Joe? Well for one, his name is perfectly fitting. Because that's what he is-an average joe. A working-class man with working-class values. A man who loves bowling, brews, and above all his country. He's a stark believer and spokesman of patriotism. And in the world of 1970, there wasn't too much patriotism going on, particularly from the youth of America. "Times they were a changin" as they say. Joe wasn't happy with that change. He doesn't like the counterculture, whether it be dodge-drafters, druggies, free love, rock music, or just guys with long hair. He likes the modest, moralistic, and hard-working America he grew up with. And so does Bill Compton, a business man with a teenage daughter (Susan Sarandon) considered to be a "hippie" and a drug addict, along with her drug-dealer boyfriend.Bill eventually confronts the boyfriend and gets himself into some serious trouble after a bout of rage. Later he also crosses paths with Joe at a bar, who's mouthing off drunkenly about the problems of the world. Bill doesn't say much, but he did say something that threw Joe off. Joe senses Bill may be caught in a real predicament, so later he meets with him to talk it over. They wind up becoming buddies, bonding over what happened. Two guys from different sides of the track. These men may be nothing alike in terms of social class, but they hold similar views of what society has become.After an argument between Bill and his daughter, she runs away in shock and disgust. Bill is devastated and must get her back, so he asks Joe to offer his services. They scour the city looking for her, amongst the hippies they loathe but try to blend with in hope of getting any information leading to her discovery. Eventually they're duped by a group of teens who rip them off, but Joe and Bill, in a state of consternation, find their hideout and pay them a visit. It is there that things take a sudden turn for the worse, when both characters give in to peer pressure, coercion, and their underlying bigotry, letting it feed the actions that cause their undoing.

Edward B (br) wrote: good movie edge on your seat type movie

trista s (br) wrote: "Remember the Titans" is one of my favorite movies. It is a lesson about racial harmony that was going on at that time and became one of the best sports movies in 2000. their victories over racism and becoming a team is amazing to watch. we all know real life is not that simple but this movies says there is hope that we can all get along and do amazing things as a team.

Robert L (us) wrote: Solid performance in this WWII doomed sub - horror mashup. I liked the war movie bits more than the horror movie bits though. It works as a simple ghost story. Some of the scary bits are pretty cliche.