The annual film festival in Venice is, of course, an ideal place to make a film (how come no-one has thought of it before). Everything is there in Pupi Avati's Festival: the famous hotels Des Bain and Excelsior on the Lido, the shimmering sandy beach which captivated Visconti. The film was made last spring and exploits the presence of passing film stars such as Jack Nicholson. We see the hysterical press conferences, where journalists and experts ask intelligent questions-without listening to the answers.

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Nagy20 G (us) wrote: The first Reacher for me was a good movie, I loved the story line and the characters...But...This is a movie about running, some fighting in the dark, and running again. For the third one maybe Usain Bolt can get the main role, the whole story would be much better (and faster). There is not a single memorable, or in any mean interesting part, no tension, the "investigation" part is short and trivial, they killed everything what was a bit good in the first one.Good job guys, I hope you can screw up the third one a bit more...

Roberto S (mx) wrote: Buensima pelcula, con las dosis perfectas de accin y humor. Tienes que verla

Jessica S (kr) wrote: the best concert ever

Michael W (jp) wrote: The subject matter is fascinating, but the film isn't quite as interesting. Herzog still manages to cram in some oddness (what's with the "reincarnated" wife of Gesualdo?) into what starts out as a normal enough documentary.

Brett H (it) wrote: Fairly standard thriller that is elevated by a terrifically psychotic performance from Ray Liotta who steals the movie. There's not much here in the way of surprises but it's paced elegantly and you barely notice the time passing.

Vic V (it) wrote: The perfect western. It has everything that makes a western GREAT. Carried by the smooth and charismatic Randolph Scott, this is not an original revenge flick, but so well written with a very nice series of plot twists it streams into a very enjoyable story and perfectly acted by all Lee Marvin defines the word villainous sociopath especially with his guns worn like that (as he found out they don't work so good that way). Even the romance is good, albeit a bit goofy, with a true Hollywood ending.

Christopher S (br) wrote: Superior Hammer effort is a B-movie gothic melodrama of the highest order, thanks to a tight script and spirited performances from a cast of great character actors, including horror icon Ingrid Pitt and a scenery-chewing Nigel Green. Director Peter Sasdy effectively keeps the action moving, keeping it from descending into another stodgy costume piece. A must for fans of Hammer horror.

Filipe C (jp) wrote: Perfume may lack the density of the prose, but Tykwer's phenomenal direction reveals a filmmaker with extreme sensitivity and an acute sense of how to use cinematic tools to provoke emotion. In all its operatic tragedies, Perfume is a paradox if there ever was one: a disturbingly beautiful and flawed triumph!

John O (nl) wrote: An unexpected gem following terrible reviews. Great!

Ken T (es) wrote: So, this is the girl version of Tony and Sidney movie"