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Fever torrent reviews

Neko S (nl) wrote: A captivating and brilliant animation and soundtrack, the upside is seeing new sides of True Cross but can do without the rushed ending and somewhat writing.

Bradley K (it) wrote: Only Neil Jordan could take this absurd story and make it poetry.

Ejan Y (ag) wrote: the storyline was ok ..........but somthing is missing in this movie.....i think it was b'cos of the poor music background....and low budget movie

James M (ag) wrote: Great picture. Multi-layered visual and aural gem.

Stephanie W (de) wrote: Absolutely one of the most amazing fighting genre films I've watched in movies. I enjoyed the storyline and the characters. Excellent cast!

Alex D (mx) wrote: Bizarrely twisted and wonderfully stylish this intense, underground thriller from the late great Donald Cammell stands among the best of his works. Outstanding performances from David Keith and Cathy Moriarty, slick artistic direction, and a taught suspenseful plot highlight this great but little-known film.

Jack Y (br) wrote: Well made and dramatic story about two families who escape to West Germany in a home-made balloon. Some slower moments but the nal is worth it.

Tony R (mx) wrote: One of the greatest comedies ever made. Wertmuller's hilarous indictment on machismo and Man's precarious moral economy ultimaley, despite all of the laughs, serves as a cautionary tale concerning the inability to reconcile the personal with the political. Everybody should see this film.

Mark L (es) wrote: Creepy and offbeat script with a slightly disappointing ending. Well acted and directed though.

James H (ag) wrote: 75/100. This is one of W.C. Fields finest movies. It has several very classic and funny scenes. The supporting cast is excellent, especially Kathleen Howard and Grady Sutton. Excellent screenplay and it's a very memorable and amusing film.

Shaimaa D (gb) wrote: Methinks 'tis ok :)but Tennat's performance is somehow hysterical, clearly in the soliloquies

Kelly K (ru) wrote: I liked this one just as much as the first movie. In my opinion it wasn't more or less exciting. Worth seeing.

Sam M (gb) wrote: Owen Wilson plays what he's really good at, hilarious philosopher.