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Alex, a shy and introverted, is a film director trying to finish writing his latest script. Decided to leave a few days of his wife and children to go to the Pyrenees and find there the peace and inspiration. In the town where he is met Monica, a violinist who is on vacation at a friend's house. Love grows between them and will face feelings that have to control and hide. Feelings that may never expressed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Allen R (ca) wrote: This isn't very bad its just bad = 4/10

Mark D (us) wrote: Yeah, so this was totally bizarro. It reminded me of the bad kung fu movies we'd watch as kids. That was the point, I'm sure. From a plot or character perspective it's pretty bad, which is not surprising. I didn't go in expecting great writing. The fights, which are pretty much the point of a movie like this, are entertaining, but not as good as I was hoping for. Overall it was mediocre. I don't regret watching, t, though, so there's that.

Daniel E (jp) wrote: Great fun. Fairly loose with the facts of the legendary master who trained Bruce Lee. The fight choreography is stunning

Isabel F (nl) wrote: Una linda pelicula, llena de color y musica.

Narges M (gb) wrote: Well written and acted. It's so rare to see a script that makes room for the complicity of a woman's soul.

Ian P (gb) wrote: Two words to summarise this film...Steven Seagal...Awful. I have never seen a film with him where it actually looks like he's hitting someone.

Bloodmarsh K (gb) wrote: The fourth installment of Sleepaway Camp is 86 minutes of some fat retarded kid being bullied around - and I'm still trying to figure out the reasoning behind it. The only bright spot about this trash, is that the original Angela returned, just to be wasted.

Grayson W (it) wrote: Some of the creepy aspects were pretty cool and reminded me of the Conjuring and Martyrs (which I believe both came later). However, I was honestly bored by most of the plot and by the end of it I did not understand anything that was happening, which I guess is common with this one.

Ann D (au) wrote: A superb French thriller where the highway plays a vital role in developing the movie's tense atmosphere.

Mohamed F (de) wrote: Ceylan's last film to be shot on 35mm, which earned him the Grand Prix, and both leads shared the Best Actor award at Cannes, even though they were too cold for me, especially Muzaffer ?zdemir, who played Mahmut, I actually thought to myself at times that this is some of the most amaturish acting I've ever seen.The movie is about how life can create distances between people who might be even blood relatives, and the more we try to improve ourselves, the less things we have in common, the less bonds we have to each other, and the larger the gap becomes.The movie is so real, and I have had such experiences with old childhood friends and relatives, which means I must relate to such a film, but Ceylan's artistic choices made me (the viewer) distant from the characters, that I couldn't reflect my experience with their own.Out of all three movies I've seen for Ceylan, ? Maymun (Three Monkeys) is by far his most developed piece of art, and I've enjoyed it the most, even though its story was weaker than its predecessors'.

Patrick P (us) wrote: Los lunes al sol. This is probably the first time I really recognized Javier Bardem. He's so good at portraying honest, everyday types. He does so valliantly in this "under the radar" flick. It's a gritty and harsh look at how being unemployed and drunk usually yields negative results. Haha! But seriously, there are some really good performances and sympathetic characters to be found.

Richard S (ag) wrote: This was ok, it's Nick Love's first film and you can tell it's his but it's not a patch on his later films, Football Factory and The Business. Most annoying thing about this film is the soundtrack, there is a lot of really naff dance music all the way through the film :O(

Jason Z (ag) wrote: The first 20 minutes is mind blowing and sobering. Many vets still alive said it was an accurate depiction of the carnage and chaos of D-Day.

Tom S (nl) wrote: Alternate history of the 60's after the Nazi's win the war. Fascinating ideas, great story which fell a bit short on execution with B list photography and performances - which has inspired me to read the book which the movie is based on. Still would recommend it, it's interesting and entertaining.

Private U (nl) wrote: one of the best movies ever! a story of courage love, and friendship, humorous at times but tear jerker at the end

D M (kr) wrote: Another anthology (similar to Tales From the Crypt [and other Amicus releases], Monster Club, Trilogy of Terror, etc) horror films. The best of the three stories is the one penned by Stephen King, "The Raft" about an "oil slick which has trapped some teens on raft in the middle of a swimming pond. The stories are held together by interstitial cartoon bits. Not as good as the first.

Ming Siu G (nl) wrote: Might get lynched for this, but I really did not get what the big deal is with this movie. It was entertaining, yes, but also really episodic, which I'm not a fan of. It basically feels like a bunch of (exaggerated) memories strung together. I did like the concept of an entire year passing, though.

Noah A (gb) wrote: I didn't really care for it as a child and I still don't. Disney was trying to do a story similar the first live action movie "Mary Poppins". But what we learned from this movie is that there is only one "Mary Poppins". D+

Simon T (gb) wrote: Time has been kind to Pierce Brosnan's final Bond outing. There's plenty to criticise: a ridiculous plot, silly gimmicks, a script stuffed with double and triple entendres, Brosnan's awful running. But weirdly, these are also the elements that make it such fun. The first hour plays like a dry run for the dour Daniel Craig episodes. And then John Cleese gives Bond his invisible car, Toby Stephens parachutes in as Rik Mayall... ...and it gets increasingly silly. Spot the multiple visual quotes from previous Bond outings.

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